Friday, May 11, 2012

tee rukkkk.

Ola. Comosta? 

Lol. It's 7.30am right now and I'm skyping with tee rukkk. Had a really really bad nightmare last night. ): So glad he is jet lagged and he can talk to me... 

I'm back from States already, time flies right! I really enjoyed my time there, so much that I didn't bother to write any post. Sometimes I feel that feelings are too personal to be shared. Right now I'm blogging and it's kind of contradicts with my thoughts but whatever I'm bored. 

I was really excited to be able to come home and eat all the food and see my friends... but now since I'm here I'm not so excited. It's getting really boring. Later I'm going out with the bestest best friend in the world, Queennie! Her mum is making my favorite noodle! Omg #excitesss

As excited as I am to be able to eat, omg I'm so fat. People who are close to me are probably annoyed at me cause I keep saying I'm fat. But really, I AM FAT LIAO. ): Maybe I'm going to have my period soon. I don't know... 

Also I don't feel like shopping anymore cause I shopped at States and all the nice stores are there. & things sold here are overpriced. 

See my life is boring. For now. 


Ok there are so many things I want to say, but I still don't have the balls to say it out cause I feel like it's so private. Give me a few days or two. I'll start yakking on my blog again. 

For now I'm going to think of what to eat for breakfast, but unfortunately I have no appetite. ): 

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