Monday, January 30, 2012

Long time no see!

I'm 3 weeks in over here in the States!

When people back in Malaysia chat with me, they would normally go, 

"Hey, how's US treating you?"
"How are you in US?" 

It's hard for me to really give an accurate answer, so normally I would just say, "Oh I'm good". It depends on my mood. When I'm happy, I'd go, "yeah I'm starting to like it".

Honestly, I like it here. Just sometimes it gets a little frustrating cause of loneliness and boredom. 

Let's start with my room, 

That's my side of the room. The opposite side is my room mate's, Victoria. 

As you can see the only place to relax is the study table's chair, or my bed. I don't really like to lie on my bed all the time, but I do appreciate that I sleep right next to the window. Waking up to this view everyday is awesome. Especially if it was all green before you sleep, and you wake up to a white world. 

But walking to class in the snow is not so nice especially when it's really windy. The snow is sometimes fine, but sometimes it's like tiny rocks. So yeah that sucks. 

& also, I like my curtains open. I prefer the room bright and airy looking, also I know that helps with the depression I go through sometimes. BUT, my room mate likes it dark. So that sucks too.

Like right now, her boyfriend is staying over. ( I KNOW RIGHT). So they are watching football and the room is pretty dim. Im surviving now from the lights of my study table. 

Her boyfriend comes over during the weekends. & he is a very nice guy, so is Victoria. She is very neat and a great room mate, I get along pretty well with her. That's why I tolerate how her boyfriend comes over... Eventhough it doesn't really bug me, but it gets kinda inconvenient when I want some peace and quiet/ privacy. They're in the room 24/7, either napping or watching TV. 

That place is called Dobbins, it's a buffet type thing. So basically I have already paid for my meals there, it's around $1.50 for breakfast, Don't know how much for lunch, & $4.75 for dinner/brunch. 

It's really nice to be able to have a full blown breakfast every morning. There's everything you'll ever want in a western breakfast! Waffles, pancakes, tater tots, latte, mocha, hot chocolate, yogurt, omelet, fruits, oats, dried fruits etc. & having the view of trees and the lake is a great start for the day! 

I think that's pretty much it about my daily life here in Behrend. All I do is sleep, eat & go to class. When I'm lucky, I get to get on someone's car to grocery shop and buy some snacks. When I'm free and not lazy, I go to the gym. That pretty much sums up my life here. Wow when I type it out it comes out so depressing and pathetic, its actually not that bad in real life (sort of). 

So anyway it's 8.50pm here, I'm currently slightly depressed for a few reasons. ): 

1. I want my room to be bright and the TV to shut up.

2. I want to be alone   Actually, I'm quite afraid to be alone. I think I will breakdown or something if I was. 

3. I'm kind of disappointed with myself. For 3 reasons, first, I got my accounting test result back and I got a B+, 1 more mark away from A-! FML. I'm so stupid I must work super hard already. I got 88%, 89% then A already you know. I feel so stressed to keep up with the Asians here, cause it seems like everyone has a at least 3.5 GPA. The second & third reason is a really long story. So I'm not going there.

4. I miss being at home. I miss driving around, I miss having control of my room. I can on the lights whenever I want. I miss my soft bed. & shopping and eating with my mum. & I miss Queennie & Jia Jia. & Yen & Erika. & Asians. 

5. I feel stupid. I keep losing things. I carry a bag pack around and wear 3 layer of clothes & I feel it's hard to keep track of where everything is. LOL. I know it sounds silly but yeah. 

6. Monday blues. My day starts at 7am tomorrow and I have stuff lined up till 10pm. Loong day. Oh & my period came last night. Double whammy. 

Okay. I have to go and do the rest of my homework now. See you soon! 

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