Sunday, April 24, 2011

Paint My Love

A2 exam is under my nose. CANNOT WAIT for it to be over. Ugh.

Some photos to share with you all. It's taken over a period of time. :)

Enjoy my pathetic post  the photos!

They are all taken & edited by yours truly, what do you think? Like? :)
Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Random 10

Absolutely nothing blog worthy has been happening lately, but I really miss blogging so here I am.

Got my results back. The horror. To my utter surprise I didn't fail any subject, but I really just pass by a little.

Somebody exchanged books with me in the library, & I think he/she did it deliberately! So somebody has been walking around college with the book borrowed under my name, and I hope he/she returns it or else I have to pay like RM100 to replace to book. Nooo.

I need retail therapy, but nobody to go with except for bf. Pathetic right? thank you.
BUT I'm really really so very extremely thankful for JW. Without him I don't know what have happened to me.

What is a girl without her best friend? I don't want a best friend anymore la.

I cannot shake the feeling off, when she asked me to remember to bring her present. I don't owe you.
I cannot shake the feeling off, that if it wasn't for the stupid gift, she won't bother to even go out.
...Now I know. 

Whatever. Just want to return whatever I owe her and get this over with. 

Fuck it

I don't need anyone. Yes, that's bitterness talking. Thanks a million.

I want to be one of those people who study a lot but claim they never study. Instead of one of those who keep on tweeting & talking about studying but getting a bad result at the end.

This weekend I want to watch a movie. Red Riding Hood or Limitless? Limitless. :D

I feel like I just got dumped by someone.

My mum visited this orphanage that houses a lot of disabled orphans somewhere in PJ yesterday. She said there are a lot of cerebral paralysis children abandoned by their parents over there, all laying on the floor. Autistic children tied to the pillar (because they are violent) and down's syndrome kids too.

It scares me how parents can just abandon their children, especially disabled kids. These special children need their parents more than an average kid. Makes me so sad.

Maybe 2012 should happen, kill everybody, wash away the sins and start a new generation of (more compassionate) human. 

E is for emotional, ruin every body's day.
M is for miserable people.
O in for on the dark side, cause there are some fresh cookies. Cookies!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dog v Human

Jun Wei will be going to UK in a few months time, & I'll be right here in Malaysia alone.

I'll be so lonely by then cause I have no friends. I don't think I'll be making any because I won't be attending university, but working instead...

I use to think that after JW goes off, I'll have more girl time. I really enjoy girl time. But  I have given up hope on ever having a girlfriend.  I'm probably not a good friend thus I don't deserve to have good friends myself...

I tried my best to be there for you when you need me, and just to please you. But all you do is talk or reply my texts when you are free, or when you are not occupied with other people.

I am done with trying to make friends, or even to maintain friendships. All of you do nothing but disappoint me. Fuck you all, I'd rather be alone than having to be let down and hurt that way.

Not one, not two, but three.

Thus, I want a dog!

Seee so cute. He's a Maltese.

Now all I have to do is to either start saving, or beg my dad. I'm going to play CityVille now bye!
Wednesday, April 13, 2011

...and you did.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mid Valley FTW

SO yesterday I went to hang out at Mid Valley with JW, it was really fun. I couldn't remember the last time I went for a date. Like a date, date. Not lunch date.

We had lunch at Sushi Zanmai. It's the cheapest Japanese food in town.The food are pretty good too.

We ate all that plus Salmon Mentai Sushi & Sashimi Salad & Mushroom thing. The bill totalled up to almost RM90. Cheap right? We ate so so much.

After that we went to play Deadship Pirates (it's an arcade thing) outside Megakidz. It's damn fun. But it's pricey cause I keep dying. -.- 2 tokens per player, RM2 per token.

While waiting for our movie, we went to have coffee at Dome.

I order my favourite ever Flat White. How daring I was to drink coffee at 4pm. LOL.
Actually I decaf-ed it. All these while, I didn't seem to remember there's such thing as decaf when I want to drink coffee. All these coffee wasted! I must make them up by having decaf flat white every opportunity I can. JW had Long Machiato or something like that. & a side of Cesar salad which came with bread and butter (!!)

I had the best coffee and buttered baguette ever.

We went to watch "Ghost Must Be Crazy".

 Not bad! The usual Singaporean lameness. But It's good. There's 2 stories in it. I like the second one! It's funny. I'm not the kind of person who laughs when I watch comedy, but I laughed like once or twice. NOT BAD ALREADY OK. The guy in front of me kept laughing at every little thing, almost every 2 minutes.

I'm starting to like to go to cinemas and watch movie.

 Had Din Tai Fung for dinner. Xiao Long Bao FTW.

& that ended the night! It was really nice. I think it achieved my objective, if you know what I mean.

we were not ready for a photo when I snapped it. but we were picture perfect!

Mid valley is the best mall ever. :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Skin Deep

My apologies for these random stuff. I REALLY HAVE NOTHING TO BLOG ABOUT.    T.T

Last week, I was (almost) obsessed about the brain or beauty dilemma. My conclusion is beauty. Men are shallow (hence my title). It's really logical. Rich men are normally pretty smart men, would they want a (equally) smart woman as a wife? NO. They want hot young wife with big boobs and beautiful skin. Yada yada. So what's my point you ask?

My point is.
Girls, go and be vain. But not too vain.
Girls that are too vain are ugly  annoying. Too vain is when you apply night cream day cream anti aging serum hair serum sleep without touching blanket and don't eat rice etc etc. Eww. Freaking annoying.

Tomorrow going for a date with JW to salvage the relationship. Yes I had to use the term 'salvage'.

I should bring my DSLR to blog about it.I better remember. My memory has been failing me lately

My skin is so horrible. I need an eraser to just erase off all the stupid blemishes.

Been shopping for two days in a row! Bought a top, a dress and a pair of Roxy daisy dukes. I love my pair of daisy dukes. :)

Go play CityVille now. GO. Don't forget to add me as your neighbour! 

I'll update again tomorrow and tell you how did my date go. & to tell you whether did we manage to 'salvage' it.

Good night everyone. Have a great week ahead. I'll help you to pray that the weather is less hot, since I hear everyone complaining about it.
 I'm going to go reread my favourite novel in the whole wide world - A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled 'awesome' Hosseini.
Thursday, April 7, 2011

Random 5

Hi. Hello. Hey.

Yesterday I went for a class outing with my college mates. Finally I feel sort of a bond with them, and when this happens, I'll be parting ways with them in 2 months.

I bought 3 bottles of nail polish from The Face Shop yesterday. Purple, gold glitter and pale yellow. I love colours.

Trials ended yesterday. I have no feeling at all. Not looking forward to getting my results back.

I'm feeling really unhappy now. Had an argument with JW and I haven't totally gotten over it. I feel really tired and broken, I'm sure he feels worse than me. I don't know. Even though everything is kind of back to normal now, I don't feel normal.

I feel guilty and lonely.
Sunday, April 3, 2011


Photo courtesy of happythings, however wording edits are my own.

This is what I learnt this week. You can never get anything without working hard for it.
Be it good grades, health, beauty, or even love. Think about it.

I have nothing in particular to blog about, this is a desperate attempt to keep my blog alive.

I'm really extremely doomed for Math P3 tomorrow. Trying to distract myself from worrying about it. It's in too deep shit for me to save it now.

Totally dissed the principal & vice principal in their faces last Thursday. I hate the principal. Don't ever let me see him again. 

Made a facial scrub for myself! I think it works. :D

Chinese songs are so emo, but it's nice! Raving on JJ Lin. & Guang Liang again.

Started to call JW beebeeeex. I don't know why.

I am going to make a study schedule for myself starting next week. Prepare for finals, I NEED good satisfactory results. It's so horrible I want to rip all my test papers into 10 million pieces and then sellotape it back together.

Plan up what I'm going to do after A Levels! Will do a separate update on that. I promise you it's interesting. More interesting than talking about studies. ;)

I'm making coffee chocolate marble cake tomorrow. (if I can get coffee essence) My first ever time whipping my own cream. I better do it properly.

cannot wait to go shopping for YY's birthday present. Hawhawwww.

Hooked on online shopping. My new rave is blissfully-beautiful. Well more like the latest 2 items from there. Both the dresses. *melts*

Ok. I'm going to go and disturb my mum to bring me dinner now. I love my family. famfam!  
Hah that's kinda weird. Whatever. 
Bye people. Have a wonderful week!

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