Friday, March 25, 2011

Hi & Bye

outfit of the day. :)

I went 'studying' with Jun Wei today. Fail.

Yesterday night I was having my usual pillow talk with Jun Wei & I was telling him about my dream the night before. Basically I dreamt that I'm going to move to this really beautiful house & so I was gushing about all the details from the wooden tiled floors to the wall-less living room.
Then he told me that I should be an Interior Designer. I've always wanted to be an interior designer. Next to a cafe owner / florist / mum. I'd love to help home owners choose the colour of their curtains and matching cushion covers...

But I think I'm pursuing a Degree in Economics or Business Management.
Yeah I know, I'm the cause of my own pain. 

On a lighter note, have any of you been following Xia Xue & Peter Coffin's story? If not, you should visit XX's blog. This Peter guy is lunatic I think, he invented his own girlfriend (who is DAMN pretty) and a legal team that spelled repetitive wrongly.

Peter Coffin is trending on Twitter cause of XX! She is really damn popular & scary & merciless.

Right. Going to go tidy up my room and sleep now! Long day tomorrow. (:

I'm going to end this post with this cute photo I took of my file today. Hah. CHAO!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Country Chicken Recipe

So I tried making chicken chop this afternoon, but I ended up with more like a country chicken.

Anyway the ending product doesn't look very appetising, I admit. But it tastes pretty good ok! It's really easy cause I didn't make it from scratch. I haven't reach that level yet. LOL.

2 photos below are taken with my phone cause my camera ran outta battery at such a critical time. 

Exam in like 5 days. After that freedom for a week. Then 3 weeks of study, followed by 2 weeks (?) of hell.
A year (?) later, beginning of another kind of hell. Why am I doing this to myself?
Monday, March 21, 2011

Squdward Testicles. I mean Tentacles.

I'm the kind of girl who looks at my own photos *almost* obsessively, & scans through all the flaws. How come other girls have such flawless photos?

Why is my nose like that? Why my eyes different size? Why is my smile crooked?

So it happened to me today, AGAIN. 

I parked my car at the Indian Man parking where it's always so crowded and the space so very tight. My car always get blocked by another car so I have to stand in the hot sun & wait for Indian Man to come reverse for me. 

But this time the idiot who parked his/her (let's just say his) car behind me didn't leave his carkeys for the Indian man to reverse when a car wants to go out. Leaving me in a very difficult position to reverse my car.

Fugging idiot. So inconsiderate & irresponsible! So after the Indian man helped me reverse my car, I left a note on that sucker's windscreen,



I scratched his car.
Don't judge me, he bloody well deserves it for being so stupid.

The Indian man helped me reverse my car & surprisingly he didn't stink it up too much. He finally took a shower. 

LOL. Ok, what a stupid post, so much for trying to be a 'famous blogger' & earn money without going to university.Going to slave through accounts tonight. Bye people!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Penang 101

The last time I went to Penang before this was last September, which was not very long ago! Did a post about it and now I don't want to blog about it anymore. I ate the same food, look pretty much the same.

However one very different thing about my latest trip is the hotel!

If you've read the last post, the hotel that I stayed in was pretty horrible.

BUT, this time I stayed in Hard Rock Hotel !

 I'n trying to show you my orange fingers resulting from feasting on Super Rings! Super Rings are waaaay above any junk food I've tasted, even Cheezels.

That's it for Penang... I didn't take many photos & many of the photos I've taken is blur.

Anyway, trials is in 1 week. I need luck, a lot a lot A LOT of luck.
& I've changed my blog's layout. You like?? I deleted the chatbox cause there's stupid spammers there who don't exist. So please leave a comment yes? Thank you!

Till next time!

Oh. & please go see by aurora's new double rings collection and faint with me please.
Sunday, March 13, 2011

Simple Asian Roast Chicken Recipe

So just now I made roast chicken drumstick. Cause the best part of a chicken is of course the really smooth drumstick!

It's really yummy, and the ingredients are available right in your kitchen.

What you need is:

6 chicken drumstick
Five Spice Powder
Dark Soy Sauce

Salt & Pepper to taste

Step 1 : 
Wash & trim off the fats of the drumstick. It's pretty impossible to get it all off, so don't bother trying.

Step 2:  
rub salt on to the chicken. Make sure to get under the skin as well, you won't wanna end up with tasteless chicken!

Step 3:
Rub five spice powder all over the chicken, just the right amount to make you chicken red-ish.

Step 4:
Pour dark soy sauce over it, but not too much or else it will burn easily.

Step 5:
Use a fork and poke many many holes all over the chicken to tenderise it and let all the marinate get into the meat.

Step 6:
Grease the metal rack / whatever you're using to place to chicken lightly - to prevent the skin from sticking to the pan/metal rack.

Step 7:
Chuck it into the oven, about 200 C for 35 minutes. & serve!

On a side note, I'm excited for tomorrow! (:

Cannot wait to (attempt to) take arty fartsy photos & swim in the pool! Speaking of swimming, omg I don't think I can wear bikini when I'm in Penang. Better bring something that's one piece. or just show off my fats. Hahah. See you.

Hope you try the chicken recipe when you're free, add more of the ingredients so that it'll be tastier, but not make it too salty!
Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pray for Japan

As you all know, a bad 8.9M earthquake has struck Japan, & one of the aftershock is a huge Tsunami that engulfed Sendai - a fishing town that has a population of 1m.

I was glued to CNN last night for 2 hours, watching the waves just eating up the whole place. The quake also caused mudslides, fire, nuclear leak, and many aftershock quakes.

Please watch the video. It looks like 2012 the movie!

It was so heartbreaking... Japan is my favourite. I've been to Japan with my family 3 times! Everytime I hear Christmas songs I think of Japan cause the essence of Christmas is so thick in Tokyo Disneyland!
The people of Japan are the nicest, Taiwanese comes to a close second. They are so polite, & I just love how they're so disciplined, and everything is so prim & proper. Nobody litters, & everyone is polite.


The death toll is around 200 & rising by the hour, the missing is about 700 (which I'm sure most are dead).

Can you imagine this happening to you?

A wall of water just coming towards you so fast.
What are you going to do?
Call your parents?
Hug your friends?
Kiss your lover?

I don't think there's even time to say goodbye!

Maybe it's time we all start to really appreciate everything.
Appreciate that the sky is blue & the sun is shining.
Appreciate that there's water coming out of the tap, and lights when you flip the switch.
Appreciate food in your fridge, & water in the kettle.

I think we shouldn't think too much about world end, just live for today.
Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Saturday, March 5, 2011

The First Take Bazaar!

Today I drove Jia Jia & I to Hartamas leh! *claps* I'm seriously damn proud of myself.

Okay, anyway we're there for The First Take Bazaar that I came across on the internet. It was held at Solaris Mont Kiara. There's around 50 stalls there I think? Manage to get ourselves a few pretty decent things...

I really hate this picture of myself, but Jia Jia looks so cute so I had to post it. Wanted to censore my face but oh well, I shouldn't be ashamed of how I look! So yeah, ugly picture of myself posted by myself.

After shopping, Jun Wei brought us for lunch! We wanted to eat Japanese Buffet but not Tenji cause it's famous for sucking. Lol. So he brought us to this Japanese Restaurant called Niji at KLGCC.

KLGCC is such a nice club! I wish I was a club member... it's too expensive. ):

Anyway, this is our lunch...

Agedashi Tofu -- Boyf's favourite!

Salad! Especially love the bits of avocado. I'm an avocado freak.

 His dish, some stir fried beef with ginger sauce. I think.

 Jia's dish! Grilled cod fish. 

 Mine! Sukiyaki. My favourite Japanese food, apart from Ramen and sushi. & Chawamushi.

 Stir fry mushrooms - needle mushrooms, chinese mushroom and shitake mushroom.

& then I drove us back to Puchong, ended our trip with a bowl of 100yen Mango Ice & juicy gossipp. 


HAWHAW. This is like my biggest steal ever in my 19   x years of shopping. It's actually greenish colour, not so yellow like in this photo. YOU WILL NEVER, EVER GUESS HOW MUCH THIS COST ME!

RM70? RM50? WRONG!

wait for it..... *drum rolls please*...

RM 20!

I feel like I've been cheated all my life, paying RM300 for shoes. But it was the last pair and it was my size. It's quite comfortable okay!! Omigosh. I'm buzzing with happiness. 

Bought this vintage ring from I LOVE THAT SHOP. The ring is perfect, it has bronze detail and a big stone in the middle. The stone is actually not matt, it's light reflecting with diamond cuts on the surface. SO yeah. & it was only like RM13? I forgot, below RM20 definitely. NICE RIGHT?!

Earrings I bought from the same stall. It has the bronze detail and the sides which I love. This is like so my taste. I like bronze coloured things and big stones. It was RM 18? I really forgot! They charged me RM31 for both the ring and earring.

I have to rave about this before I move on, by--aurora has really really nice accesories. I've visited their blog many times, & kind of remember many products I've seen. I was really surprised and slightly sceptical about the nice-ness of all the accesories! When I went to the store, it was exact same - just like the photos. It's Diva standard, minus the ridic price! I think I'm going to pop my blog-shopping cherry by buying more earrings.

OK. I'm done.

I also bought a purple eyeliner (RM15) & a hairband (which I've been wearing through out this post- the black with gold chains) which cost RM5 (!!).  Jia Jia & I are so going to rock the purple eyeliner look in college lol.

 cam-whore photo with all the things I've bought.

trials is coming in 3 weeks. Should I go to Penang on Monday?? DILEMMA! I really want to go there to take many photos and eat the ice kacang and swim the pool. But I have to study. Then again, it's not like it's A2. Trials only ma! 


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