Friday, February 25, 2011

How's your week?

 I've been having half boiled eggs at Madam Joyce's eatery, it's really good. Not over/under cooked.

Studied 4 days this week. I feel more motivated, but I still did pretty badly for my accounting test. Need to try harder.

Reignited the whole photography thing. I wish Jun Wei was really into photography so we can go take photos together. I want to go on vacation just so I can take pictures of things...

Saw these cats near college. They were cuddling on an upturned table in a closed restaurant. Makes me wanna go 'aww'.

Tomorrow I'm going to go to the library first thing in the morning (hopefully). I enjoy the quietness and productiveness.

In the mood to shop alone for accesories. Antique rings and necklaces, bronze earrings. Sipping coffee eating cake, reading looking at a picture book, people watching, eaves dropping...

I'm not in a cheery mood. My mood is like the tone of this song. Although not the lyrics, but the melody, yes. Take a listen if you hadn't heard it before. I think you'll like it. (:

You have a friend in me

When I was in primary school, I had a really good friend. It became the definition of best friend for me, we visit each other's house so often, talk on the phone so much, care about each other so much.

I really miss having a best friend.

Friends are so hard to come by for me, especially girl friends. Yea I know what you're thinking, I'm probably all bitchy and jealous. Maybe I am.

So to all besties in the world, cherish your best friend because people who really understand you is so hard to come by.

To those who are like me, I'd say we'll find a good friend eventually. But even if we don't, we'll always have our partners right? & if you don't have a boyfriend, come find me. (:

note: I'm really thankful that Jun Wei is here. Thanks for keeping me alive sane. Love you dear.
Sunday, February 20, 2011

La Bodega

I thought I should satisfy my blogging thirst during the weekends since work is going to pile on again tomorrow. I hate Mondays. -___-

Anyway, yesterday I went for a study date with Jun Wei. Before that we went to Empire Shopping Complex for lunch. I told him I'd buy him lunch since he bought me so many things...

I ate at that La Bodega a few times already, but this is the first time we ate at the Empire outlet.

So yesterday, I had a late breakfast so I didn't order much for myself. He was hungry so he did all of the ordering...

I had a Super Summergirl's Spring Time smoothie. The name is so cute right! It's quite delicious! A mixture of a lot of fruits and yogurt. Jun Wei ordered Citron Press, I didn't try it, but I'm guessing it's lemonade.

We ordered 3 kinds of tapas, lamb meatballs, prawns & the classic sauteed mushrooms.

 The mushroom's could have been better. I think the one served in Pavilion's outlet was better even though it's supposed to be the same. It's either that, or Jun Wei ordered the wrong one...

 Lamb meatballs! The gravy was so yummy. I never take anything lamb other than lamb rack. But this is surprisingly yummy, and really low on the lamb smell. Goes really well with bread.

The last tapas was this one. I think Jun Wei is addicted to it. It's prawns with garlic oil? I forgotten what's it called. The oil is so tasty! Salty and garlicy. It's olive oil so I guess it's not as fattening and artery-clogging as the usual oil? Whatever it is, it's really yummy. Worth every cent I paid! I especially like a tiny rock salts added, it adds a little bit of crunch and a lotta flavour!

That's Jun Wei's pasta. I don't know what's it called, but it's like a carbonara. I recall him saying it's cream plus mustard. I couldn't taste the mustard though. Really creamy but fresh since it's served with a side of rockets. 

 Bread to go with all the tapas.

The bill came to RM115 something. I think it's definitely worth a try! Albeit a little pricey, but it's really tasty and the ambiance is great too. Maybe I was eating with him in a good mood, that's why it was yummy. I don't know. Hah.

Oh & try the Empire outlet. I think it's bit better than the Pavillion one because there's a beautiful fountain next to it. hahah. 

I had a good day yesterday. Something the warm windy day and delicious smoothie make me feel all bubbly. Also I had great company, which made the food taste better than it really does (?).


Tomorrow is a Monday. Nooooo. I hate waking up early and thread in the traffic and walking to college from the bloody far-away parking lot. 

I've been really into taking photos with iPhone nowadays thanks to LomoLomo & Mei Tu Xiu Xiu apps.

I have a really good boyfriend. I never knew until few days ago. (':

Ok. Time to shower and MAYBE study. buhbye!

I just noticed I never mentioned about CNY before. I know it's VERY LATE. But

happy bunny year!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Valentine's Day - 7ate9, KL

So this is the first Valentine's Day I ever celebrated in my life! The first V day JW & I shared, we had to run a marathon. The second, it was Chinese New Year.

This year,
We went to 7ate9 at Ascott Hotel. The view was really awesome, you get to eat with KLCC in the background.

Quite frankly, it didn't feel really special to me, I don't know why. Somehow I'm quite used to having fancy dinner dates with him because we do that on our birthday every year. Unfortunately I don't think I can celebrate his birthday with him this year... he'll be at UK. ):

We reached KL pretty early to avoid the crawl, so we went for coffee at Dome first. I really like to go to Dome, it's my favourite cafe. Their flat white is so delicious! But I didn't had that that day, or else I won't be able to sleep that night. Had some fizzy berry drink instead, it's red colour. Don't order it. It's so sour I felt my stomach lining getting thinner.

The weather was nice cause it was drizzling and the KLCC Park fountain was right next to us. Perfect place to hang out. (:

Anyway, after that we walked in the drizzle back to Ascott Hotel in the rain. Dinner time!

We chose the 5 course Valentine's Day dinner set, I thought it was pretty pricey for the quality of food. The drinks was pretty pricey too. :(

(The photos are VERY blur because it was dim and the camera is iPhone 3Gs. No flash. Sorry! I tried to edit the colours to make it brighter resulting in the weird colours. The beef is not green. .___. )

Counter clockwise from top left
Course one : it's actually foei gras cooked in various style.
Course two: Lentil soup and tomato something soup shots.
Course three: Grilled rack of lamb served with tempura yam & pumpkin.
Course four: Grilled beef tenderloin served with lantern pepper flavoured mashed potato & stir fry mushrooms.
Course five: Pancake served with vanilla ice cream with dried coconut flakes. ( no picture taken ;/ )

I (obviously) didn't take many photos due to the condition of the lighting there!

Anyhow I had such a good time with him. I appreciate how he tried to call so many restaurants just to find all of them fully booked, & finally got this one. After dinner we went home cause I started sneezing like a mad woman resulting in a very sleepy me.

In conclusion, I had a good Valentine's Day. As cheesy as it sounds, if that's how V Day is supposed to be like, then I everyday is as good as Valentine's Day. :)

& in terms of the bistro, I would give it a 7/10. The food wasn't impressive, maybe we ordered the wrong food, I don't know. The drinks are really pricey too. It's not the usual pricey, it's extreme pricey. If I'm not mistaken, a bottle of Weihenstephan was RM42.

The ambiance is great though, with the bright tower in the backdrop and good music selection. However, I will not go there anymore.

There are many bistros around that can easily compete to 7ate9 in Bangsar. Not exactly 'the best (or was it trendiest?) bistro in town' like they say it is.

It's worth a visit though, just to find our was the the hype about. (: be warned about their prices!

Friday, February 11, 2011


Just now I saw an interview for couples on YouTube... I wish I was being interviewed! I want to answer those questions for a long time already.

So you know what, Imgoingtointerviewmyself.


How did you all met?

I don't really like this question because meeting each other in the classroom is the lamest answer on earth seriously. It sounds like a ridiculous puppy love story which is everything this relationship isn't! ( I know I sound defensive but it really isn't!)

I don't know what is puppy love? I'll assume it's some high school crush I had when I was 14. THAT's puppy love.

BUT. If this is puppy love, I want to stay in puppy love forever.

How long have you all been together?
2 years & 3 months.

What do you like about him? 
I like how he is good at parking my car. (I'm rubbish at parking cars)
I like how he doesn't mind when I have breakouts and unshaven legs.
I like how he is has this cute face!
I like how he's fun. :D
I like how he tries to accomadate me, and he thinks I'm cute. (Not many people would think I'm cute...)
I like how he can read me like a book.
I like how how he can tell I'm mad by a text message.
I like it when he plays guitar or piano, it makes him look cuter than usual.
I like how we have (almost) the same goals.
He's so caring (sometimes).
I like how he likes me.
I like how I don't need to worry when I forget to bring my wallet/ I'm broke.
I like how he has a superior English volcabulary.
I like how he likes Greek mythology and World War II.
I like how he can identify any note by hearing.

What do you hate about him?
Hate is a strong word. 
What do you dislike about him?
I dislike how he's so skinny but he doesn't admit it!
I dislike how he's partly the cause of me gaining weight. ):
That's it? I can't think of any now. I don't want to recall all the bad things about him! But trust me there are bad things. :P
I DISLIKE how he's blunt sometimes.
& I dislike how he's jealous. (To his defence, I'm the jealous type too. whatever haha)

Is there anything you want to say to him, but you never did?
No, not really. I think I said to him everything I ever wanted to. Including things that I'm not supposed to tell him.

But reading it and hearing it is a different story...

I want to thank him for every effort he has made to make me happier. I'm sorry that I'm so bitchy SOMETIMES. I promise I'll try to cut down on that... I will miss him very much when he goes to UK, talking about it is enough to make me choke on my tears. I don't know how am I going to cope with it when he's suddenly not on speed dial anymore. I see him almost everyday since 2 years ago, since we are classmates. Suddenly I won't get to see him whenever I want to will be a big change for me...

I really appreciate how he is willing to drive me around, especially when he lives so far from me. I love talking to him before I sleep, even if I just say good night & hang up.

I love you very very much. (':

OK. That's enough blogging for a day. I might have made up some questions by myself. WHATEVER.


OMG it's been so long & I'm so sorry. I'm so lazy to upload the photos but I have to do it. Because things got head must got tail. You know?

DAY 5 
In the morning, we made out way to the train station to go to the market. I was expecting a huge seafood market like the one in Australia but it was really far from that...

Ferris wheel I saw at the train station.

The seafood market. It's just this stretch of road/street...

Crabs crabs crabs!

Uni, sea urchin. SO SO GOOD! & it's WAY cheaper there. I forgot how much it was alr though. Much cheaper la haiyo. & so delicious, melt in your mouth I guarantee!

Grilled scallops..

Shishamo. I like to eat the meat first then eat the best part - eggs. 

My brother's food.

So many stalls, but all selling similiar seafood with similar price. 

After that, we took the train & went to another part of Otaru. It's the famous tourist spot place I went during the second day I was there.

It was snowing really heavily! My mum was dressed like an eskimo, so cute. (:

Chloe. (:

After that we took the bus to this ancient house. It use to belong to this fish tycoon family. We weren't allow to take photos inside the house, I think they want to preserve it and prevent others from copying the design. It's a traditional Japanese house with everything made of solid wood, and there's the zen gardens where there are koi fishes swimming beneath the pond with the frozen surface!

This is the 'entrance', it's actually the house's ballroom. & the only place that allows photography. Notice the ceilings?

After touring the house, they prepared us this meal using herring fish ( the fish that made the family rich). It was really yummy but nobody managed to finish their food. Everyone was stuffed from breakfast & all that. I think this is one of my favourite meals in trip!

It was snowing so hard! My dad ask me to take a picture of him. Haha, look how the snow sat on his shoulders and coat!
This the outlook of the house. Picturesque!

We stood there for only 1 minute max. Look at the amount on snow on us!


Bid farewell to Hokkaido & went to Tokyo in the morning.

Went to the underground shopping. Look at all the KitKat flavours! Orange, Sakura, green tea, squid ink, sweet potato...

See their supermarket! The food is so appealing. 

The flowers planted by the roadside. We were walking to some electronics mall. I'm sorry, i forgotten the names of most of the places. ):

Eat authentic Japanese BBQ!

This is Uncle Nabei, Nabei San. He's my dad's golfing friend, Japanese national. So we followed him back to Japan & there we were. 
Oh, he's Chloe's dad. That's why Chloe looks so Japanese (to me she does!).

On the way back to hotel...

Final morning at Japan! Checking out of hotel...

Chloe's very realistic dog. 

Me shopping at tax free Burberry. My mum got a bag... Me nothing. -.-



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