Thursday, January 13, 2011

How are you?

The week is almost ending. Mine is pretty depressing, but it's getting better I'm sure!

I was having a bad back for almost a week now, I think I have sclerosis and some other stuff. Luckily it's reversible with back exercises. So before knowing that, seeing myself in the mirror with a obviously crooked back was really frightening and depressing.

I was so afraid that it will worsen or stay like that forever! Luckily that's not the case, hopefully not anyway. I'll be seeing another doctor next Friday.

Good news is that it doesn't hurt so much anymore, and it doesn't look so crooked anymore! So I'm guessing things are better now. Jun Wei's dad said it's reversible, means I can be well again!

My mum has been taking very good care of me when I was having back aches. I feel so loved. She's the best & I don't know what am I going to do without her. I'm so lucky to have such a loving mum! I think in the whole world I love her the most, number 1!

Anyway, I have been enjoying my classes so far. However the thought of exams are stressing me out! It's only the 4th day since college reopened and I already want to vomit my guts. Somebody tell me how am I going to get through this.

I have an argument with Jun Wei 2 days ago, I think it was the worst one ever, for me. I obviously don't want to talk about what happened over here but let's just say it's a big disappointment.

Thank goodness things are improving and getting a whole lot better now. I really hope both of us will ummm, soar to greater heights? haha I don't know the word for it but you get it.

It's getting late & I have to sleep! My awesome mum asked me to sleep earlier so that I won't rush to college tomorrow and drive fast. Aww. Good night!
Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Yokoso Hokkaido! - part 2

Today we leave the hotel to go to the Asahiyama Zoo. It's like a 3 hour bus journey. Slept and played with this cute girl in the bus. Her name is Chloe. She's so adorable she brings out the maternal side of me lol. I really like her, I thought of going to hang out with her again but I was afraid I might come across as freaky or desperate for friends. So anyway.

This is Chloe and her very realistic dog plushie - Lacie.

That's me, playing with Chloe. (:I miss that naughty girl!

Signing my name on the bus's window..

Stunning view I tell you!

After numerous naps and toilet stops, we reached the zoo!

Penguins are really big! I thought they're the size of chickens and ducks. They're SO big! Like my knee height!

Aquarium-like door way to see swimming penguins in action.

Paul the Octopus!

Tiger. Duh. See the snow at the side? It's snowing everywhere and it never fails to amaze me.

Asian birds!

Pity this Polar Bear stuck in a cage. ):

Snow fox/wolf.

It's -1.6C! Crazy or not!

 There are many more animals photos but animals are boring and seeing them in a cage is pitiful. So yeah, no zoo pictures. I don't support zoos.

Anyway, after going to the zoo we went to a hotel in Otaru. It's a really nice hotel but there isn't any onsen. ): To make up for the loss they have a shopping centre connected to it!


It's a flavoured jelly drink. Not my cup of tea. :/

So cute right!

Ripped jeans and cute boots. Thank God for the black thermal pants and fluffy warm shoe!

They're fake food is so colourful leh.

Dinner at sushi restaurant in mall next to hotel!


Double drool. SO damn yummy I tell you.

Too much food!

Good beer. (:

Stuff in the mall! Damn cute right! I wanted to buy but it was made of fabric and I don't wanna dirty it when I use it as a pencil box. It's pricey too. ):

The only thing I bought. It's really cute right! It's a planner, and all the pages are differently illustrated. Cost like RM60. I know. Shut up. 

It was Christmas eve, so there were fireworks outside my room! The view was spectacular. The fireworks are actually released from a deck above the sea. So the lights are all reflected and it's so beautiful.


& that about sums up day 4! We had a good night's sleep that night.

That's my brother looking at stuff he ain't supposed to be looking at.

This is irrelevant but I really like my hair colour so there. Haha. I really hate my side profile. Why is my cheeks so fat?!

OK. That's it for part 2 because it's getting late and I have a doctor to see tomorrow. (: Have a great week!
Sunday, January 9, 2011

Yokoso Hokkaido! - part 1

Hi! I'm so happy that I can finally blog! So many things has been going on (such as 2011) but I have to blog about this Japanese trip first before my memory fail me.

So at December 20 last year my dad brought the whole family, except my little brother to Hokkaido. We landed at Hokkaido at I don't know what time. Did I tell you my brother vomit on the plane? Again? (smirk haha) 

DAY 1 
So first things first we went to eat. Eat huge crabs!

We can eat as many crabs as we want in 90 minutes (if not mistaken). There's King Crab, Queen Crab & Hairy Crab. I have never ever ate so much crab in one day, stuffing my face. 

After eating we went to Sapporo JR Tower for shopping. I needed to buy a pair of shoes because I was wearing this when it's like 6 degrees outside. It's freezing my toes off. 


Nice or not? I think it's the cheapest pair at Daimaru shoe department. It cost around RM200 something. everything else is around RM600. Crazy expensive. Imagine my joy when I found this odd pair which is cheaper. 

So after that we went for a long bus ride to Kiroro Resort where I'll be spending the next 3 days and 2 nights. It was really dark on the way there so I think that explains why there wasn't any photos. Also, I was sleeping like a pig. Something about travelling in a bus making me sleep a lot.

It's a resort famous for the powdery snow, perfect for skiing and snowboarding.  Which really, is not my thing. You'll see.

So since it's a resort, obviously there is a hot spring! The last time I came to Japan I refused to go to the hot spring because you have to be totally naked. My parents are big fans of hot springs and they tell me I'm missing out. So this time, I can't believe I went to the onsen. I went separately without my mum, I couldn't stand being naked with my mum. It's so extremely awkward I don't even know where to start.

I went onsen and let me tell you, it's the greatest thing ever! It feels soooooo good. Anyone who has a chance to experience it have to go. Go alone. Just go. Damn relaxing. I fell asleep so soundly after the hot spring. Oh and it makes your skin so damn nice and fair! It apparently makes you thinner too. I'm officially an onsen freak.

DAY 2 

Woke up and saw the extraordinary view! Snow capped roof.

So after breakfast my brother and sister and I went walking around the hotel whilst waiting for my parents to finish their breakfast.

It was so cold the water from the drain froze! Haha so amazing right. & that was me playing with dirty snow. If I was holding that without gloves, I think I would have gotten a bad frostbite. I don't know why but the coldest part of my body is my hands. It would hurt if I had no gloves on, touching snow or not. 

After that we went to the snow mountain 3 minutes away (by bus) for some mofo snow boarding and skiing.

I fell down so many times. Whether it's slipping because of the frozen floor, or just tripping on some shit stairs, or just plain falling down planting my head onto the ground.

The shoes that I had to wear is so heavy, explains why I fall when I come down from steps. It just drags me down, I swear I think each of my leg weighs 3kg more.

Falling down and being unable to get up sucks. I have never fell so hard in my life! I had a hard time sleeping the next few night because my body ached so much. ):

Anyway after falling down so many times I kind of gave up. I just stuck with playing with snow with my parents. 

 My loving parents whom I love so so so much. (:

 My siblings and I were attempting to chill a bottle of warm lemon drink by burying it in snow. It sorta worked!

after the back breaking skiing we walked back to the hotel! It was the most enjoyable walk I had. I think it was around 2km? We were walking downhill on the snow path, careful not to step on the icy slippery spots and yelling at one another to be careful. I really enjoyed that walk!

The view was brilliant too. Everything was white and the air was crisp.

We ended the night with a dinner in an Italian restaurant within the resort. The food was pretty bad. I think there was 8 courses? Only one was good, the orange juice. The rest was crazy. After that I went for another onsen session. I'm onsen addict.

 Today I was supposed to spend it skiing, but as you can see, we're not really a big fan of it at all. So we took a bus to a nearby town called Otaru. It was snowing very heavily that morning, we were so excited! 

snow everywhere! after about an hour or so we're finally there! It's a quaint little town selling craft things and seafood. Such a strange combination.

 We first went to the famous glassware place that sells music box and cute cute things. Everything was Christmas theme! It was 23rd December that day. So cute right? I didn't buy anything though. I already have one music box merry go round that Jun Wei bought for me the last time he came here!

Giant succulent barbecued scallops! Yums!

 This is fresh sea urchin and salmon roe on rice. So yummy and so much cheaper than the price in Malaysia.

 Live King crab!

You can't really see, but it's rain + snow. I never thought that was possible. Another thing I learnt in Japan!

We spent almost the whole day at Otaru, & then we took the bus back to the hotel. Had dinner, onsen, and sleepy time!

Stay tuned for part 2. For now I miss my boyfriend & I want to talk to him and go to sleep. Good night world!

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