Saturday, October 1, 2011

Signs of Insomnia

1. When you feel restless before you usual bedtime, and you didn't yawn at all. Everyone around you starts saying good night to you and you start to panic a little.

2. When everyone's asleep, and Twitter has very little updates. And you're refreshing every 3 minutes.

3. When you start reading all the texts you have sent today. And the stupid Facebook stories.

4. When it's either too warm, or too cold.

5. The later it gets, the more emotional you get and your brain starts going haywire.

Don't panic. No matter what time it is, it's never too late to fall asleep. One hour of sleep is better than non!

Ways to fall asleep:

1. Close your eyes, stare at the darkness. Clear your mind and ask your brain to stfu. It'll take some tine, don't give up.

2. Sleep on the opposite side. Ie, put your head on normally where you rest your feet, and your legs where you normally rest your head. Not recommended if you Didn't wash your feet before you sleep.

3. Turn the air con colder than usual, cuddle up with the comforter. Remember to put the air con on timer so that you won't wake up with a sore throat and cold the next day.

4. Listen to James Morrison. Sing along. Even if you don't know the lyrics. 'so much craziness, surrounding me... Akvdgdinehsinw, hsjjsv hard to breathe... You make it real for meeeeee'

5. Blog so that you won't spam Twitter.

Whatever you do, don't

1. Call your ex boyfriend, crush, enemy and start some drama.

2. Overthink and start crying like a crazy person. Don't wallow in self pity cause you're still awake. It's okay.

3. Watch YouTube. It'll make you more awake.

4. Reminisce about old romance. That will make your haywire brain mess you up even more.

5. Wake someone up. Chances are that person will not pick up, pick up and ignore you etc. Unless it's your boyf/girlf for the first few months, then you may call.

If you're still awake:

1. Embrace it. Wait for the sun rise.

2. Read an old novel.

3. Practice 'The Secret' by Rhonda something.

4. Do sit ups. And star jumps.

5. Wake up and act like you're a rooster and wake your whole family up. Have an early start!


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