Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mixology Workshop @ The View Rooftop Bar

SO like I have mentioned in my previous blog post, I won the mixology workshop for 2 held by Time Out Kuala Lumpur.

Honestly, I didn't have any expectations for it at all since it's free. Even planned an 'escape route' to go Levain incase the workshop is a bore.

1800 Tequila. Looks like honey, taste not like honey at all. 

I like this place. It's so high up and windy.
I'm never a club person cause it's too noisy and I'm antisocial. 
So this is the closest I'll get to to a 'social' place.

This is a working station we all get. Ben - the expert intro us the tools and bartending skills etc. 
The limes are used to make my favourite drink... 

 ... Lime Margarita! 
It's the most yummy Margarita I've ever tasted prolly cause I havent tasted that many in my life.
 But still, it doesn't have that Tequila spicy sting taste. Lol. & I love the Triple Sec. 

We made it ourselves btw, from the salt rimmed glass to the lime garnish to the drink itself!

That's my boyfriend. <3 

 That's me with a bad angle which added few pounds to my thighs and tummy.
 I refuse to believe that they're real. Shuttup. 

This is a Mint Julep that we made... 

We made another yummy drink too but I didn't take a photo of it cause it was too yummy.
 Lol. It's called El Diablo. It has cranberry flavoured stuff and tequila & lemon peel.
 Ahhhhh. So the craving now.  
It's like grown up sparkling Ribena. 

Ok. There are a few more photos which I'm probably not going to upload cause my siblings are bugging me to pick them out to go have lunch. Oh what are they gonna go without me.

Friday, August 26, 2011


Hello! I'm bored. Going to Pavilion soon to buy my dad's birthday present. His birthday is tomorrow! Which is like 3 days away from Princess Sue Ann birthday.

I don't know what are we going to get for him, we as in my mum and I... But I'm looking forward to go shopping! I loveeee my daddy! & I know he loves me too. I feel bad for going overseas to study & using so much of his money. I'm too stupid to be a scholar... sorry dad. ):

Oh yeah, you know I won a prize yesterday! It's the Time Out KL Twitter thing. I almost always RT, no matter I want the prize or not just to try my luck. & then sometimes their prize is a Coffee Journey for 2 by illy! I want that prize but I never get it. So anyway, I woke up late yesterday & was scrolling though Twitter, saw the RT thing & I just casually RT then forgot about it. Then I won! Hehe they picked me. Yesterday was my lucky day, but what I wont wasn't the coffee journey, it's a Cocktail Workshop for 2. It's held tomorrow at G Tower's rooftop bar. Gonna bring my camera there & blog about it!

So I'm applying to a uni right now, it's really very tedious. I haven't send in the applications yet, there are still some documents which I have yet to prepare... I'm going to a different country from JW. Many people are like, 'so how?'

Sigh. I don't know how. My parents don't want me to go to UK cause they don't want me to be in the same country as him. They think we would distract each other and end up failing together. I get where they are coming from, & I don't think I'm good enough for UK unis nor do I like the UK system.

After many changes of plans, I decided I should go to a country that I like. Initially I didn't want to go anywhere cause I was afraid I might lose him and such. But I decided that I'm not going to let this relationship limit me & my future. I'm too young for that!

I do love JW very much and I treasure this special thing we have together, but my future is kinda more important. What if JW goes there & get a new girlf, while silly me sacrifices a fab chance to go overseas to study... for what I thought was special? What if we drift apart due to distance and shit while I already voluntarily stayed back for us? So many what ifs. Relationships were never 100%, especially LDRs.

In less than a month the LDR will officially begin, I'm not looking forward to it. But change is the only constant in life, we cannot stay in this situation for the rest of our lives. Spending time apart, and having our own lives will make us see more clearly if we are right for each other. & if we are right for each other, distance and time will just make us stronger! If we crumble instead, then it's better than crumbling when we're married.

Right. I talk too much. Lol. Comment if you agree, or disagree. :P

This post is full of words. I shall add some photos.

That's me posing in my sister's room with my favourite pants that I'm wearing now which I bought from Sungai Wang with Queennie the other day. (That's a really long sentence)

That's Sue Ann & Ann Sue. <3

Monday, August 22, 2011

Reunited & it feels so good!

 Delicious @ Mid Valley

 Me, Shu Huey & Pooi Ling

Ke Xin so preeeeetyyyyy. <3 

 Fish & Chips is so yums!!

 Carbonara, it's always good. Heheh. But damn fattening. That's why I so fat. ):

French Onion Soup so yummy too!  

Zhen Xuan & Yong Zhen 

Robin, Justin, Jun Wei 

Believe me JW, I'm doing you a favour by putting a heart shape on your face. :P 

Gotta love high school friends. (: (:

Anyway, today I went to CHS to collect my SPM cert & certify my documents. I was wearing a (slightly above) knee length dress, a cardigan (which I wore just to abide by the dress code) and a pair of slip on wedge.  & You know Mr. Tam was like, ' You think you going for Astro Talent show ah? This is a school!'  #wtf. Why so conservative?

Oh & had dim sum with boyf @ Ming Room today. He belanja me! Thank youzzz.

& uni apps is really ma fan. I needa go back to CHS again. & to Taylors also. Ishhh.

Ok. I've been online since forever. Heh. Bye!

p/s, Those who want original photos, ask me k. & I didn't upload all also, if you want tell me!
Thursday, August 11, 2011


I feel like such a disappointment to my family. I know that all this studying is for myself & I shouldn't feel sorry to my parents. There's no need for anymore complaining or crying, for what's done is done.

I have to move on now, I really learnt a lesson. I always sit in the corner & wallow in self pity. Enough is enough.

I saw my friend on Twitter tweeted this:

" At times like this I try to think less,

feel less


act more "

Sigh, I gotta clear my mind of all these stupid negative thoughts. Stop asking myself why this why that. Think of my next step and then just do... if it's not too late yet.

Going to clean up the garden. Since the maid left the garden is kinda unattended and a lot of wilted leaves & stuff.

Also, I watched this show about this 2 obese person trying to lose weight. Seeing the exercising makes me miss it. So yeah, going to exercise & sign up for those yoga classes I've been talking about since forever.

ps, I know this post has been really cheesy but you know. It's my cheesy shit. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Day


I realise I only blog when I go out and take pictures. Heh. Whatever.

Yesterday I went out with Jun Wei to have lunch together. & also to runaway from my conscience who is really torturing me for being a jobless bum. 

We went to 32 bistro & bar near my house! Intended to go Madam Kwan's @ Empire but we're just too hungry. I eat dinner there pretty often since it's so close to my house, also the food is really nice, value for money too. I don't know about the Sunway Pyramid branch.

Watched Hangover 2 at Sunway Pyramid later. I think the popcorn at TGV might be better than GSC's. I felt that most of it were coated with caramel compared to GSC's. Don't know, maybe food taste better when consumed in a good mood.  :P

Went dinner with my college mates. Fun times! Reminded me of the Pangkor trip, I miss it so much.

Oh yeah, I might have played with the colours and effects of the photos too much. LOL. Nice okay!

&& I bought my shoes in Hong Kong. I love it! So comfortable and it doesn't look slutty with shorts.

I was gonna sneeze. Lol. Bye! 

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