Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ben's General Food Store

Yesterday night Jun Wei & I went out on a spontaneous dinner. We were deciding over the phone about where to go and I decided to try out Ben's!

I thought Ben's General Food Store and Ben's is the same, but I was wrong! Nen Lin tweeted me and told me it was different. No wonder. -.-

Anyway it was at the ground floor of Bangsar Village's old wing.

It was super crowded as over there and it took me forever to be seated. The waitresses practically ignored me. Jun Wei being the more cultured half insisted that we wait to be seated instead of going in a finding a place for ourselves. So we waited. & then a bunch of girls behind me decided to follow my (better) idea of doing some self service and getting our own seat instead. THEN Jun Wei follows. Tsktsk. LOL.

Anyway we got seated when a waiter passed by and I (furiously) asked him whether I should wait outside or what.

Jun Wei wasn't very happy about the crowd..

The tables are all arranged in a row, so we sat next to another couple(?). With only a box of tissue and utensils separating us. It's really eavesdrop-able. If you're going to be talking about murdering your boss then Ben's GFS is not a very ideal place for that.

They basically mainly serve pizza and salad. They have other things as well, but there's the menu is pretty limited.

Anyway, despite the full house on that night. The food wasn't delayed.

 This was my mushroom lasagna. Or mushroom mush. I didn't really like it because it was all mashed up. I couldn't tell the difference between the pasta sheets and sauce. I don't know if their lasagna is supposed to be like that, or the pasta sheets were overcooked. I didn't finish it.

Jun Wei's lamb meatballs. It was quite nice! Jun Wei finished it so it has to mean something. He has a picky palette. However the meatball was crumbly, instead of a firm kind of meatball. The sauce was good and it went well with the meat.

They had a pretty wide selection of pizza. I was going to order the zucchini one but I felt bad that Jun Wei had to eat a gay pizza. Any pizza without meat is pretty gay, no? Anyway I ended up taking the salami one not knowing their salami meant peperoni. The pizza was nice, it was served piping hot. I'm not a fan of pepperoni so yeah. :/ Both of us couldn't finish it because we were quite full from our main course, or it just wasn't THAAT good.

Both of us had water. Over there there's no need to feel self conscious to drink plain water cause almost every there does it. Their drinks are usual cafe price : RM10 for orange juice sort of price range.

The food there wasn't too expensive, our bill came to RM65.70. Which gives and average of RM20 per dish. I guess it was pretty okay especially for the pizza. If I ever go there again I'd have pizza and nothing else.

6/10 !
Monday, July 18, 2011

Super Secret Project!

Hello! As I have mentioned in my previous post, I have been making this super secret thing for Jun Wei! & it's done! Actually it's done since a week ago but I didn't come around to blog about it...

So the super secret thing is...

hehe see Spongebob peeking through there? Quite freaky and cute at the same time lol.

Anyway. I knitted him a scarf!  It's navy and purple. Nice right!

& it smells good too! Cause I sent it to the dry cleaners. :P

I used my DSLR to give you a clearer picture..

Yeap. That's the most basic knitting ever. It's really easy to knit, I don't know why I made so many mistakes earlier. -__-. I used Merino Wool yarn so that it will keep Jun Wei warm when he goes to UK. I told him to give this scarf back to me if we break up. Hahah, this scarf suits me too okay! It makes me look fairer cause of the darker colour, and it's really long! Means it'll keep me super warm.

Another thing I knitted is this!

It's a hairband! It's actually not that neon yellow in real life, more like a greenish yellow. That actually wasn't a colour of my choice, but there was some leftover yarn because my mum use to knit (like 10 years ago). I saw a tutorial on this hairband, so I decided to try it. I never knew I could actually complete it!

It can double up as a necklace.

The creator used buttons to fasten both ends of the supposedly necklace, I like it more as a hairband so I used elastics to secure both ends of the braid. Make strip A, then make a shorter strip B. The you'll have excess strip A. Fold both ends inwards, slip an elastic inside and then sew it shut..

I used my old worn out hair elastic cause I was too impatient to wait and go to the shops to get a nice elastic.

& I learnt purling by myself via youtube videos. Prior doing this project all I know was to knit. Also the knitting abbreviations can be found once you google it. So it was pretty easy! All you need is needle and yarn and the internet. :)
Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hong Kong 101

Yes I know I have not been updating for a super duper wuper long time. I myself feel very embarrassed to go into my own blog.

Anyway. Whatever.

I came back from Hong Kong 2 days ago, I'm VERY excited to talk about it. BUT, just one problem. I didn't take photos. There's only 4 photos in my whole camera. I know. I hate myself.

There are many reasons that I didn't manage to snap pictures,

1. I have no time.
2. Lazy.
3. I feel weird camwhoring with my mum and grandma.
4. Busy.

Anyway, I took Cathay Pacific airlines and reside at Marco Polo Gateway hotel at the heart of Tsim Tsa Chui.

Yeah that's pretty much how the room looked like. The location was pretty good if you're looking to stay at Tsim Tsa Chui. The shower was very meh. The bed was super comfortable though, the comforter is seriously comfortable! The air con worked really well, almost too well. It's so cold and it's impossible to be switched off at night.

It's located within a mall, so yeah. There's a huge H&M right across the street!
The MTR is relatively near, around 7 minutes walk, and the row of shoe store is 5 minutes away.

However there's nothing particularly yummy to eat over there, also very little eateries. That would be the reason why I wouldn't stay there anymore if I were to go Hong Kong again.

Anyway, my 4 days 3 nights was spent indulging in identical activities - shopping. So there's no need to elaborate...

The food in HK was really yummy! I went to Australia Dairy for breakfast during the second day. It was located at Parkes Street. (omg I remembered). It was only one train stop away and it was pretty easy to locate.

The egg and toast look so ordinary right? Looks can be SO deceiving. I think they seasoned the toast with salt. So yeah, the toast is salty which made it tasty. & the eggs. Those are NOT fried eggs. God bless the guy who cooked those eggs. Once I use my fork to break the yolk and the whites, it became like half boiled eggs I swear. (this is the moment I regret not taking a picture of it )

Hong Kongers like to eat macaroni for breakfast. I thought it was okay, clear broth with ham. I wouldn't mind eating that for breakfast though. Very healthy and tasty!

On the third day, I spent it at Mong Kok... I was hunting for my brother's Nike shoes. The Fa Yuen street has all the Nike stores. I don't get how all the same stores will gain profit when they all clump together on the same street.

All the stores were closed. So we went for breakfast first. Which was also at Fa Yuen street, just lower part of it...

The porridge was SO SO SO good. It's the typical Hong Konger porridge. it has the pork innards one, beef ball, fish blah blah. All are delicious. It's called Fuk Kee. I reckon it sells rice for dinner and lunch, but only porridge for breakfast.

For lunch that day, I went to Sham Tseng Chan Kee for some roast goose.  I was really really excited for that. It was located at Mong Kok too, at the Goldfish Road. It really sells a lot of goldfish and aquarium stuff around that street. FYI, there's Laundry Street has all the laundrettes around it LOL. Their streets are so aptly named.

I just realise I didn't take photo of the main character - Mr. Roast Goose. I'm sorry!  Their barbecue pork belly was superb. I think it even beat the roast goose! Looking at these photos and reminiscing about the taste is torture.

That's about the recommendable food I had in HK. For my other meals, I had simple street food or just in a random coffee shop.


Right. HK is a shopping heaven, especially during July cause it's sales season! There are so many women around teetering on their expensive heels and arm full of shopping bags. There were a lot of Mainland China people, I kept thinking I'm in Taiwan or something cause people are speaking so much mandarin...

Anyway. Here's what I got!

Heheheh. My shoes! Love them so much. They are all cheaper than Malaysia Nine West price, max is the same. & they're so comfortable to wear! Cannot wait to start wearing 'em.

Stack of clothes. :D

My photo is inverted. I tried to rotate it but it wouldn't listen! D: 
So you just have to tilt your computer if you kepo. 

So that is the end of my Hong Kong post. Say hello please. :P

ps, one more reason I didn't take many photos - My digital camera sucks! 

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