Monday, June 27, 2011


I know, it's been very very long since my last proper update. I REALLY have nothing to write about.
So I have been on holiday for 2 weeks now, & the boredom is setting in.

So far, to my disappointment, I have achieve very very little, compared to my ambitious 'after A Levs to do list' list.

I've thrown a barbecue party with my college class mates.


Made chocolate cupcakes with orange icing & chocolate and banana cupcakes.

Read a book.

Started a super secret project, it's for Jun Wei.

I'd love to leave a hint, but I can't think of anything discreet enough. Hah. Sorry. I'd DEFINITELY do a post about it when I'm done making it. :)

Watched 2 movies.

Both has hot men, and both of the stories are good. Fiction. I like!

Oh yeah! I caught up with my old time best friend - Queennie! We had dinner at La Bodega and yeah. Miss her already. Going Sg Wang with her soon. Yay!

I received a postcard from Japan! My postcrossing thing finally kicked off. I sent another 5 postcards but I don't think any of them has been received yet.

Relived my childhood. In other words...



Um. That's it? Wow, I knew I was being very unproductive and stuff but I didn't know I was THAAT unproductive.

I'm going to Hong Kong with my mum and grandmother soon! Something tells me I'll come home with more shoes and earrings! Is there a Sephora there?

Also, I just saw something very very beautiful on this website  . Cannot wait to start making it! I'm so going to fail a few times before actually finishing it. But whatever, it looks like something on the racks at Robinson's.

Going to go find the twigs later today, if I'm going to go trek the mountain in the evening. An incentive to actually go and climb the irritatingly steep mountain. It's actually a forest reserve near my house, I thought of taking photos over there, but the walk is already tiring, I cannot imagine carrying the DSLR around my neck.

I know twigs are heavy too, but it's different. Don't ask how. 

p/s,Did I tell you, I love looking at furniture and kitchenware at Robinson's? They're so beautiful, but have a ridiculous price tag. I saw a fly swatter for RM50.

& Umm, perhaps find a job...?

Anyway, it's time to continue doing my super secret project. Heheheeee. See you. (:
Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pangkor Island

That's us in the bus! We were quite unlucky that day, the bus broke down! Good thing we were only 15 minutes away from the jetty when the bus died.

 Photo taken by Shawn! It looks like proffesional photo LOL.

 Pei Zhen, taken by Shawn. Happythings material right here.

 With me, without Shawn.

 With Shawn, without me.

 My RM15 hat that I bought from the jetty. Broke within an hour of usage. LOL. The wind was too strong!
 Who's that hottie next to me??

Artsy-fartsy attempt. I would say I kinda succeeded.

Me, Connie, and Mei Yan.

Our home for the next 2 days.
Thank you Shawn for this wonderful photo of Jun Wei & I. :)

I caught clams at the beach with my friends! There were so MANY clams I was screaming. I don't know why. They were beneath my feet! & this is another photo taken by Shawn (the sheep).

Me eating my favourite instant noodle EVER. Nissin Chili Crab!

Another Shawn photo.

That's Jun Wei & I enjoying our dinner. We were SO hungry! Credits to sheep again.

Credits to Shawn.

There are obviously waaaaay more photos than these. But I'm too lazy to edit all of them. ):

I really like the playing Mafia with all of you, and seeing Chong Aik's 'defence' is really DAMN funny. hahaha.

I had a lot of fun during this trip, definitely a memorable trip. I'll miss all my classmates so much, it's a shame that I only really got to know all of them towards to end of the course. It's better than never right?

I wish everybody all the best. & let's go to Redang next year. :P

Chocolate Butterflies!

So I just came back from Pangkor Island yesterday with my classmates. It was so much fun, I'll get into in in the next post.

& the exams' are just over, and now I have so much time on my hands. I have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do! Freedom.

My parents are asking me to get a job, but I'm stalling. I will get a job! But not yet. Not just yet. I haven't achieve whatever's been on my post A Levs to do list yet!

1. Blog about Taylors College.
2. Take up knitting and eventually crocheting.

I don't even remember what's on that list. haha.

I was just browsing through craft websites just now, and I found 2 really awesome websites.
Gave me so many many many ideas on how to waste my time. Hahah. It felt so good to be online without any time restriction. Such relieve! I almost feel guilty for not being worried.

Anyway, the websites are cut out + keep  and everything old .

Look at these rainbow roses! I thought they're made out of cloth of something, but they are real roses.

I saw this chocolate butterfly from cut out and keep, it's so pretty! & easy to make! I vow to make one if I'm ever making a cupcake.

My mum promised me to bring me to the knitting shop tomorrow, so I cannot wait to start and blog about it!

heeeee. I'm so happy. Going to look through the Pangkor photos and blog about it soon. Byebye everybody!
Sunday, June 5, 2011

Spread it like Herpes!


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