Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm so perasan.

Wtf I just followed my own blog. I thought I was following one of my follower's blog, turned out I followed myself and now I don't know how to unfollow me. LOL.

Anyway, I'm at the college library now, awaiting my doom  my math paper 7, which is also a paper on stastitics. You know, this is only my second paper, whilst engineering students are already done with A levels. For me, there's still 7 days to go, to my next 2 papers, and then one day gap, to another 2 papers. It's going to be a quick death for me.

I haven't been sleeping well for these pass few days, probably because my mind has been up and around. BUT BUT BUT, I've discovered a way to fall asleep.

I'd love to blog about ways to fall asleep but I'm in short of time. See you all next time. Yay.
Saturday, May 28, 2011


Have a listen! This song is treasure.

Have you heard that God puts certain people in your life for a reason, and take them away for a better reason? Yes, very corny. But recently, I had first hand experience on that.

God put you in my life, to make me learn how to be a better friend, how to be patient.

God took you away, and made me see how much friends can influence you.

Yes, you do deserve a tweet. Cause I genuinely treated you as a friend. Maybe my words were too harsh, but it all came from the hurt I felt with all the ignored calls, texts, tweets and what nots.

However, I'm glad that we are not, and never will be friends anymore. I don't ever want to see and hear the bad side of everyone anymore, cause everyone has a good side. We shouldn't keep picking and concentrating on the flaws, why focus on the black dot when there's the rest of the white board right?

I'm in the middle of A2 examinations now. & I'm all laid back as if it's over. If don't hit my target, I really deserve it.

I'm stuck. I never thought it'll take that much courage to chase your dreams. I'd love to be a columnist, a writer, TV host; but I'm becoming a banker.

Are you moving towards your dream ambition? If you are, lucky you.

I've been classmates with the most cheerful person I ever know, and I just found out today. Some of Mei Yan's words really made me think. Thank you so much for that. :)

Recently discovered a miraculous hair 'screw', I can tie my hair into the casual bun so easily. It remains tight throughout the day! I don't even need to retie it cause of the fly aways. Wow. Genius! & REALLY cheap. I would share with you all soon!

Been eating chocolates. Why are Australian & New Zealand's Cadbury chocolate bars so yummy? So much better than Malaysia's chocolate bars. The grass on the other side is always greener.

Dyed my hair yesterday. It's darker compared to my previous one. Loves it!

"When something bad happens, you have three choices. You can either let it define you, destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you."

Looks like it's going to be random 8 this time. Till next time, have a nice week! :)
Monday, May 16, 2011

Man We Want

I was just reading this article - the woman men want to date & I think it's kind of ridiculous. If I'm any of the women in the category, I don't really need a man cause I'm so darn perfect on my own.


Am I really that lousy? Or is it the woman they are searching for doesn't exist. Somebody tell me?
I would be happy if I could satisfy like 3 out of the 11 conditions. I really have some self improvement to do!

So, I came up with my own list! What do you think? I hope it made guys made inadequate & inferior. Like how that bloody article made me feel!

The Men Women Want to Date

Mr. Understanding
Let's face it, you are pretty damn complicated. Sometimes you have really contradicting feelings, and a thousand things going on in your mind. You really need someone to understand you, and analyse the situation for you!

Mr. Understanding is obviously, understanding. He will listen to what you have to say, and find a solution or a good conclusion with his acute analysing skills. He knows what to do when you're stuck in a corner trying to figure yourself out. Dry your confused tears and put a rainbow in your sky!

I'm not talking about some clean freak who goes for pedicure more often that you do. What I mean is a guy who bothers to put on a nice shirt for a date, and has clean nails and groomed hair. He will not wear slippers and ripped jeans at the same time, and of course, does not have nails any longer than yours.

However, just tidy and neat will do. He does not obsess about his hair and checks himself out whenever he passes by his own reflection - that's your job.

He will call you before you sleep, and calls you just to say hi. He makes it clear that you matter to him, and you're in good hands when you're his girl.

Mr. Concern will put you before his meaningless priorities (such as drinking with friends, or watching late night footballs). He would much rather do things with you instead of cheering for his favourite football team, or playing some online war game through the night!

Mr. (Over)achiever
He counts faster than you, his vocabulary is wider than yours, and he's better than geography than you. You're not dumb, he's just smarter! He has a goal in his life, & he works hard for it. He knows what he wants, and have the plan all laid out already!

Mr. Sweety Pie
He buys/makes gifts for you for your anniversary, or birthday, or when he goes on vacation, or for no reason at all! Be it a small key chain, or a fancy pair of earrings, it's the thought that counts. & you do love receiving presents, then again, who doesn't?

He does not whisper sweet nothings to your ears, however, when he does, he does what he says, and words are not just words. He actually mean it when he says he'll catch a grenade for you.

Mr. Respect
He listens & values your opinion, and he is not afraid to admit that sometimes you are right.

He understands & respects gender equality, however does not expect you to shoulder half of the dating expenses all the time (well duh, footing the bill is a manly thing to do). Also, he does not feel the need to ensure he is better than you every time, and win every competition there is to feed his ego. He's okay with you winning, but you and him both know who the true winner is.
Sunday, May 8, 2011

Au Revoir

A levels have (almost officially) ended, the only thing left for me to do is sit for the God forsaken A2 exams and I'm out of here.

Call me cold blooded, but I really wouldn't miss my college life at all. In fact, I'm looking forward to University and get done with the education part of my life and get married and have kids  go to work.

Happy Mother's Day! I love my mummy so much. (':

I've been procrastinating a lot lately. ):

RIP blog. It'll revive whenever I feel like it.
Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Captions from top to bottom:

Taken while waiting for a bus at the corner of the street somewhere in Sapporo, Japan.

Just woke up and found this stunning view from my hotel window at Kiroro Ski Resort, Japan.

Taken in my garden.

Taken in my garden.

Washing these chinese herbs and dries roses to make tea.

Should I shop for Mother's Day gift tomorrow? Planning to go Ikea. BUT I'm so lazy to drive. ): Still considering...

A 'feather bone; is sticking out of my pillow and I can't seem to pull it out, it's too short.

I'm irritated at myself. (Then again, when am I ever pleased with myself?)

My sister started to blog.

Good night.
Sunday, May 1, 2011


I used my new bought Sephora Eye Shadow palette.

I have never used eye shadow in my life, and I'm not very good at it either. I got the courage of applying eye shadow from the beauty workshop yesterday.

But I used my (very low quality) web cam to take the pictures. So yeah, sorry. :P

Can't wait for my hair to grow until my waist. :D :D

Nice not?? I found my favourite falsie too. Yay!

Ok. I didn't study again today. D:

Whatever, it's like 10.30pm already. I'm tired. Going to play Wii now. Buhbyeee!

Beauty Makeover + SEPHORA!

Omigod it's been so long since my last update.
Don't blame me, blame A2 exams. I didn't study today, at all. Can die. 

Instead, I went to this beauty workshop with Chia Li at Pavilion. I'm so vain, of course I'd rather go to a beauty workshop than do maths.

Actually, Chia Li was supposed to go with Melanie, but Melanie had some stuff going on and she can't go, so I got to go! Lucky me.I feel quite sorry for Melanie, so if you're reading : SORRY MELANIE. D;

The registration fee is RM50, which was totally worth it seeing the amount of freebies we got & the stuff we got to use. Everything that we used to splat on our face was brand new, and we could use as much as we want to. I should have sneak some into my bag while I leave, right Chia Li?

 Before shot.

 Chia Li busy powdering her face.

 What i did with my eye. The pigmentation of the eyeshadow palette is NOT ENOUGH.

 Chia Li's long long eyelash. ;)

 After shot, Chia Li has nice eyes!


 We got a mirror, make up remover (which I really love & I would buy one when I finish this bottle), two face mask, one lip gloss, cute mirror, and mini brushes (not in picture). The blue bag - I won by answering a random question the host asked. LOL.

The eyelash we bought for RM4.45 each, 50% off market price. & I accidentally bought an eye liner (RM10). Heh.

The make up remover for eyes and lips is really nice. It's water base and it smells terrific - like every other Face Shop stuff. It's called Pure Spa Water Eye & Lip Make Up Remover. LOVE.



Omigod I was so excited I was hyperventilating. I wanted to dash across the road from Pavilion if it's not that I'd be ran over by a car.

I went in and it was all lights and colours and smell of perfume. Heaven.

There's so many products I'll love to own, but I'm sort of broke. BUT. I manage to nab one thing:

Mad love. MAD LOVE. I want to get the purple one next. nyeehehehe

for now, I'm going to crash. GOOZNIGHTZZZ.


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