Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Lately I have been pondering on what makes me deserving of what I have now?

It's very common for Malaysian families to have a maid to help out with domestic chores. Clearly, many would rather not do house work if they can help it. Thus the development of this (awful?) trend.

I've had a 'kakak' for as long as I remember. My kakaks wakes up at 6am every morning, any later and they'll get an earful from my mum.

They sleep around 11pm or 12am at night. From the moment they wake up, they mop floors and wash clothes till they sleep.

I vividly remember one of my previous kakak sleeps in the store room, because my house then did not have an extra room for the maids. Sleeping with us was not an option. She sleeps on a mattress beside the washing machine, which was behind a rack of detergents. Then, my washing machine was broken, it would hop on the ground and it is really loud. I would remember because I still have it until a month ago.

Can you imagine? Sleeping next to a noisy hopping washing machine, with the smell of Dynamo and Ajax Tile Cleaner soap?

In my free time, like any other teenager, I watch TV and spend my time lounging around the house. When I sit in the TV room, my maid occasionally comes in the mop the floor while I lazily lift my legs up and change my sitting position from leaning on the left arm rest, to lying on the couch. Am I the only one??

I read my books and do homework in my air conditioned and pretty well lit room, & I think that's the only 'hard work' I have to do. After all these 'hard work', I can go to the fridge & take whatever I want to eat. Or just grab the car keys and buy ice kacang, whatever.

I would go on but I really don't want to continue upsetting myself anymore. But I'm sure you got my point right?

So for this thanks giving (even though I don't celebrate it), I give thanks to my very good fortune...

which consist of
my supportive and loving family, my forgiving and perfect boyfriend, my caring Yen Yen, my healthy body, the good weather at night, the chilly morning,  my efficient phone, my comforting iPod, my laptop, Reader's Digests, all my maids I had in my life, and the sky for not falling down. Oh, &; my wonderful Accounting lecturer.
Wednesday, November 24, 2010



It's 8.43am now, and I'm having mathematics at 9am. I'm at the Web at college, so freezing cold.

The laptop at home finally broke down, thus explains the very lack of updates!

Anyway, college commenced 2 days ago. So far, so good. I'm trying to be a better student this semester, I really want to go well for A2, despite I will not be studying in the UK anymore.

It's pretty sad that I am not, but part of me is relieved that I do not need to go through the UCAS application, and the home-sickness. I know I sound so bitter now, but I'm telling the truth! I feel sad though, because I don't get to go to London and experience the whole university life thing.

I always thought I would be able to go you know, to cycle instead of drive and experience season changes, and travel Europe. It's quite a shame that I don't get to go.

My parent didn't want me to go to London because it is too far, they said it'll be difficult for them to come see me if anything were to happen to me. Also, because Jun Wei is going. My mum is afraid he would bully me, or that Jun Wei & I would move in together.

Oh well, I think I'm doing a twinning programme, so I might still have a chance to go there.

My parents suggested me to go to Hong Kong, Singapore & Australia. I would love to go to Hong Kong if they would accept me! It's really difficult to get in there, I will try though, after my A-level. Moreoever, economics is such a competetive  subject.

We'll see. More updates soon! When I get to hang here again, for now I have to go print my notes and go to class.

& you know, lately I really don't like to be in the class. Negative energy. Being there makes me feel angry. However, I'm enjoying the lessons and the quietness. SO yeah. I would love to keep on yakking but I HAVE TO GO.

Friday, November 19, 2010


I have this problem -- I never know how to start a blog entry. Should I say 'HELLO', or like just get on with my point. I think the latter is better, just that I don't really have a point most of the time, it's just a pile of random ramblings.

...... hmm. Whatever.


Anyway, I went out with Jun Wei today. I should stop calling it dates, because dates are so formal. & our outings are anything but formal. I wanted to go watch Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows, so yeah!

It was good, especially if you're a Harry Potter fan. I've been watching Harry Potter movies since it first came out, and reading the first ever Harry Potter book. However I gave up on the book reading after The Order of The Phoenix, it was a little too long and too thick for me. Nevertheless, I'm a very big fan of this series.

I have to say, this movie was pretty dark compared to all the others. There are much less bright and funny moments, considering it's coming to an end. Also, there are plenty of deaths which is quite saddening... I did not read the Deathly Hallows book, but I could understand the movie perfectly. However, I don't think a person who has not watched previous movies would understand it.

The thing that makes me go crazy over Harry Potter initially, is Hogwarts! It's so enchanting to see the fancy spells, and things moving by itself, and how magical it all can be! I am most amazed with the moving newspapers, how brilliant! Oh, & not forgetting the 'lifts' in the Ministry of Magic!

However, the Deathly Hallows are more towards the dark eaters and Voldermort. More battles and deaths, like I said, it's a dark one. The 'graphics' or cinematography was really impressive. In one particular scene, the snake was so realistic I screamed.

I bet anyone who is a fan like me would go watch it even if it's not good, and people who don't like HP wouldn't watch it even if I highly recommended it. So, yeah! I love it because I love to hear words like horcrux & muggles & apparating & mudblood & expeliarmus etc. Also, the familiar theme song of HP.


The movie lasted about 2 and a half hours, so after that we went to grab some lunch. We ate at Sushi King but my extravagant boyfriend was not satisfied so we went to the Yogitree after that. I had pretty high expectations of it since he said the food there was really good.

I'm thinking maybe we ordered the wrong food because it really was not that good. However I had a good time there. The music and atmosphere was good for hanging out &chatting.

The pasta was I think cream mushroom pasta, and no, it's not fettuccine, it's something like talata, talala or ta-whatever. Jun Wei said it was pretty good, I'm thinking because he has a taste for western food. Me, on the other hand prefer Asian food. Or western food with an Asian twist. It's a little too cheesy for me, the cream was really heavy, and the pasta was like the Chinese 'pan mee', which made the texture even more heavier. The drink was a mix of beetroot, carrot and apples. It's diluted and iced, not really worth RM12.


SO I guess that put an end to our date, I mean, outing. I always enjoy myself during these outings. It's really fun and I couldn't think about anything else other than us.

I know the photo quality is not nice, & the photo of me is pretty unattractive with the bulbous nose and weird eyes. But sigh whatever la, I'm not exactly in a cheery mood now. I thought blogging will help to distract me from it but I guess it failed. At least all these negative energy contributed to something -- this entry.
Thursday, November 11, 2010

How are you?

I watch YouTube on daily basis, thanks to the iPhone, so I would say I'm a pretty avid YouTube fan and I dig YouTube comedian humor. While it's funny, I never really laugh out loud. I just kind of smirk. But the above video really made me to like this ----> O.O, then I start to laugh. hahaha, I can watch it 10 times and still laugh. I hope it made you laugh, if you hadn't watch it yet.

So anyway,

AS is over! During exams I just cannot wait for it to be over, but now when it's really over, I feel nothing. It's not like I have been working very hard, and to me, AS has been over 6 days ago. So yeah, whatever.

Recently I've been loving gel liners, and dark blue contact lenses. Makes my eyes sparkle. I know, I should really post some photos of myself here... But I really hate camwhoring by myself because it makes me really depressed. iPhone camera somewhat emphasises on all the spots. & lighting in my room shucks, & I hate camwhoring in the toilet. 

Tomorrow, I'm going out with Jun Wei for a casual date. Really love dates like that! Dress up casually and go grab lunch and shop for novels, and then a movie. So comforting.

Oh & did I tell you that Jun Wei & I are 2 years old! Time flies so quickly when we're happy. I love you so much and I'm so afraid of losing you. Again. I was reading this website that I got from Briana's blog, & there are many stories about break ups and girl writing letters of how sad they are trying to get over they're ex boyfriends and all this sad love stories.

Sigh, there's nothing I can do about it but cross my fingers & be the best person I can be. I read from somewhere that if we, as girls, be the best that we can be, then there's no reason the boy will dump you.

It makes sense to me. (:
Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Turn the radio up, for that sweet sound

It's an old song & it's awesome. I always imagine sitting in the car going on a road trip on a sunny day and listening to that song. Now you can too.

So I finally got started on my statistics, now I'm taking a break, will resume at 4PM I promise.

I was just thinking about Hokkaido. What should I wear? I really don't want to wear em puffy clothes. But then it'll be snowing all the time unless I want to freeze I better wear something thick. I never thought I'll do this, but maybe I should google on winter fashion.

Last time I went on holiday when it's cold at Tokyo, not snowing but cold enough, I wore jeans and super thick clothes and I look really touristy. I'm aiming at something fashionable but warm... since I'll be doing winter clothes shopping over there, then it'll be cheaper than buying here! The coats here are ridiculously priced. I'm thinking of buying a pair of flat boots over there, I think it'll be affordable.

Anyway, I'm blogging now listening to this Eric Carmen song, makes me wanna go to Phuket again. So in the holiday mood when I have statistics and accounting test tomorrow. This cannot be D:

Jun Wei's back, and I should get back to my stats. G'BYE!
Monday, November 1, 2010


I'm not supposed to be here. I'm supposed to be doing my statistics, which I have not done since my blog entry this evening! D:

Aww man. I'm lousy.

I think I'm getting a little carried away with blogging. Written a long post and deleted it right after.=.= I'm trying too hard.

Ahh, screw it. Going to do my stats. NOW. NOW. NOW.

These are the time when I really want to curse & swear. But I've given up typing swear words for a very long time. Unfortunately I'm still kind of sort of foul mouth. I'm working on it okay! No more F words or A-hole words. 

You know, speaking of foul mouth. I get really foul mouth when I speak with my mum. I think it amuses her. By the way my mum and I speak cantonese, so yeah, cantonese bad words. But not extreme ones like CB or LJ, it's more towards single words. Oh wait, CB & LJ is hokkien right?

Haha, it's cute. Anything to make her laugh, she thinks I'm funny btw. & I think I'm funny too.

& Jun Wei better thinks I'm funny.

Right. GOING NOW. Cheerios!


this is what the photo is, 
the cities crumbling because the floor totally crumbled and massive waves engulfing everything. 
Oh what joy. 

Before I watched this movie, I thought 2012 is a gimmick, like whole heartedly think 2012 is a stupid theory came up by the Americans to make money. I mean, look at all the books, documentaries popping out after the movie. Before this, I have never heard even heard 2012.

Sure, I've heard of Judgement day and the day the world ends, but they normally happen in like 50 years from now at least & I really don't care about it cause I might be dead by then? But 2012 is 2 years away and that's VERY close.

If 2012 really happens, I think I'll just sit in my room and cry? I really couldn't bear seeing my family going away from me. I cannot imagine that I'm not going to grow old and die after all. I wouldn't even know what to say to my parents, siblings, Jun Wei? By then I love you would be such an understatement.

I wonder how would the world react when it's really 20 December 2012. Would there be a celebration of public holiday? Or some religious thing? Whatever happens, when 21 December 2012 comes, I WILL celebrate. & then go kill the producers of the damn movie. 

Such a depressing movie. To those that have not watch it, don't watch it. Keep being a non-believer like you are now. I regret watching it.

You know what is more depressing than 2012? Statistics. Which is what I'm going to do now...

Or maybe later. These damn nerdy specs are making me drowsy. 

until then! Do not watch 2012. <3

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