Thursday, October 28, 2010

Popping a Quickie!

Ok, so I'm going to study tutor2u right after this, pinkie promise.

I just have to get some really random things off my chest because I'm just so excited.

First off, I already have plans to look forward to right after my exams!

1. Attend baking classes.
I have ALWAYS wanted to do this but never found a good place. I have found a place but not sure if it's good. My mum suggested it! I have plenty of baking stuff at home but non of my cakes/cookies turned out as good as I hope it'll be. & when my baking session fails I get really depressed.

So yeah. I'm working towards my aim of making this cake.

I already though of the flavour and everything. But I really can't talk much now. HAVE ECONOMICS TOMORROW.

2. Make some song compilations! And design pretty CD covers.

3. Go for knitting and make a scarf.... or not. Knitting is so old woman like. I don't know.


I like stick figures cuz they're skinny.

I'm at the library now. I came to college at around 9am, which felt like a decade when it's only 12pm now. I did some stuff, like 5 accounting questions and one phone call and few texts.

I know I'm not supposed to be blogging when I have 2 horrible exams tomorrow - accounting and economics paper 2. *terror*

Lol, okay maybe it's not that bad. But still! It's really important considering that I want to take an economics degree in the future!

Anyway, I'm here in front of a computer to study actually. It's not my fault that I'm blogging! Stupid tutor2u website is not loading. It's taking forever to get from one page to another. I depend on this website so much for my economics. ):

I just sit there at stare at the white coloured blank screen for 3 minutes (or more) for it to get into the subtopic I want to go, then wait another 3 minute (or more) to go back to the list of subtopics. Die anot? Waste of my time.

Nothing interesting happened lately.

Except I hit my car at the guardhouse outside my house. I should be thankful I didn't crash into another car in the highway or anything. I went to college and back, and eventually 'crashed' at the entrance to my housing area. The car bumper fell off and my dad had to compensate the residential assosiation for the repairs to stuff that I crashed on.

Umm, I have dark circles now. ):

& oh, I'm going to Hokkaido this year end! Exciting stuff. Cannot wait to use my DSLR again! I don't really like to lug my DSLR to wherever I go because it's so big and I feel like a fool photographing everything I eat and see. I'm no tourist!

Cannot wait to play in the snow and buy cute boots! Oh, and the Japanese food! It's gonna be fun. So looking forward to it.

For now, I'm going to go spend my RM4 on a bowl of pork noodles at the dirty food court. OR, should I go home and eat with my mum at Mid Valley. Decisions decisions..

if you're bored and like cute things like me, go visit this website! I think I got it from Cynthia's twitter, so credits to her.

cute food photos - Sweet Baby Shower Cookies
see more EpiCute

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


This is probably not surprising since I've always been careless, but the pen-drive has always been in my bag when I was frantically searching for it yesterday. Tehee, now I can blog about it.

Actually before taking all these photos, we went to Sungai Wang. Personally, I don't really go there eventhough I know there are hidden treasures there. I'm just too lazy to look through everything, & I always have no time to ransack the place. So this time, Yen & I decided to go there! Pavilion sells lotsa great stuff too but everything is expensive and I guess we did not really wanna spend much that day.

The trip to Sungai Wang was fun! Eventhough all the walking was pretty tiring. Like I mentioned in the previous entry, no trying of clothes is allowed which was the down side of shopping there. Then again, clothes are pretty cheap and nice! We have decided to go there again the next time I go there to sleepover.

So, we bought this jumpsuit thing. Mine is the one on the left, and I'm wearing Yen's one, which is on the right. Nice??? I know. :P I look thinner in Yen's jumpsuit though. :/ 

Anyway, we went to Pavilion for lunch and we (obviously) camwhored in front of the fountain. The camera that we were using was brilliant! There's this small screen in front of the camera to make posing easier, and gosh it's just amazing. It's a Samsung something. I love it!

So after all the photo taking, we went home. Sit & laze around. Haha we were debating whether to shower or not.

Around 8pm then Xin Pin came and we left for La Risata. It's near Yen's house, but I don't really know where. The food there is glorious!

Clockwise from top left
Lime Margarita, Pizza Carbonara, Gin Fizz & Long Island !

And that's about it! There's plenty of photos, but I'm really short of time cuz this entry is taking too long!


Monday, October 18, 2010


Tomorrow I have thinking skills AS exam I'm still here blogging. Bah, it's just thinking skills don't care don't care.

Anyway, you know the previous sad post? In that day alone I had almost 80 hits, when normally I have averagely 15? This proves that people like to see other people sad or something, when there's happy post nobody bothered. Oh well, at least people bothered to read. :P

As an update to that post, Jun Wei & I worked things out. I know it almost looks like we're toying with the relationship, with the break ups and reconciliation. But I choose to believe we're not! I really really like him. I'm glad we're back together and that 'break-up' gave me a new perspective of things. 

Anyhow, I just got back from Yen Yen's sleepover yesterday!!! I had so much fun. Some photos are posted up in my facebook, but there's still a bunch for Yen and I's private collection. I wanted to share some in my blog but I took her thumbdrive home instead of mine. -.-

I will post those photos up as soon as I got my thumb drive back, I cannot wait to blog about them! Also, flaunt those pretty photos we took that day.

There's many highlights of the day, but one thing that really made my day is this. See the jumpsuit I'm wearing?? It's only RM25! So worth okay! Bought it at Sungai Wang. Loves it. The thing about Sungai Wang is that no clothes trying is allowed, which is pretty annoying. Everything is free size though, so you just have to take a risk and buy it. I really love this. Yen bought one too, but hers is a different print, it's floral! I like hers too.

By the way, this photo is taken on the way to Xin Pin's awesome car. We just had dinner at La Risata, they serve the best Pizza Carbonara there. It's not too cheese, everything is just right. Also, they have really nice Gin Fizz! I'm totally hooked on that drink. It's not too alcoholly, it taste like lemonade, but sweeter and has an extremely light gin taste. I always hated drinks that is too heavy on the alcohol, I'm not a very good drinker.

I'll go on about this outing when I get the thumb drive back. Cannot wait!

Anyway, Jun Wei's birthday is coming real soon! It's next Monday but we're celebrating it this Saturday. We've decided to have dinner at Crystal Jade Restaurant, The Gardens. I've always loved fine dining Chinese food. I'm going to have a headache these few days thinking what to buy for him!

Right, gonna go eat dinner and play need for speed with Jun Wei later.

Oh, yeah by the way Yen,

Thank you so much for the company, I cannot wait till I next see you. When I can finally dye your hair yay. Love you! 

Blur sisters forever. :P
Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My letter to you.

So I just ended my almost 2 year relationship yesterday. I'm pretty much depressed and sad, but I won't have it any other way. I wish it didn't have to end this way, heck, I wish it didn't have to end.

What's done is done, what said is said. I am not going to sit here and hold on to the past. I don't miss you, I miss the relationship I thought we had. 

After so long, all I have now is wounds and also I have many happy moment which is now worth nothing at all. This probably does not effect you as much as it effects me, but what to do, you're just being an ignorant guy.

It's really difficult to go through this. Everything I see and feel reminds me of you, every minute I feel like breaking down to sob but you're not there for me like you promised you would. I remember your phone number like how I can remember my name, but I don't dare to call you. I'm not supposed to.

I'm mad at you for letting it end like this, but then again, there's nothing we can do about it.I'm mad at you, that all the promises you made for me sums up to nothingness, sums up in this post where I type sobbing alone. I'm mad at you for breaking my heartlike this, cause I loved you so much.

I only wanted you to fetch me home, why is that so hard? I wanted you to be the one to fetch me, I wanted you to want to fetch me. Of course I have other alternatives, but I just want you.

Since it's so difficult for you to do this, then really, there's nothing worthy enough for both of us to stay here anymore.

It pains me so much when I'm reminded of how you tell me you love me so much, and now I'm the one who's sobbing. Proves that I'm right all along, you're a sweet talker. I'm glad that I kind of knew that it's not the truth that you're telling me, or else the hit would be much harder. Although part of me did believe you. 

I wish things was not this way between us, I wish you were a different person. I know things will not change between us, & all I can do now is move forward.

It was all beautiful while it lasted, although I was hoping it would be something more than this. 

Oh well, better luck next time I guess.

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