Friday, April 30, 2010

Do one thing that scare you everyday.

Hi guys. (:

It's been a long time since a real life update.

Nothing much happen this week, cause this week passed by too fast! One moment I was dreading for Monday, the next thing I know, it's the weekends tomorrow.

So fast right, when I was young, I use to complain why does time pass so slow. Now that I'm 18, time is seriously passing too fast. My mum said the older I get, the faster time pass. Isn't that so sad?

Anyhow, today is a pretty good day. I have been really stressed out for the whole week. I'm really worried about my test and mid terms. A Levels is really stressful, and fast paced. Ms Pun said this is going to be the biggest hurdle of my whole education process. Hopefully she is right.

There are homeworks everyday, and coming home and 4pm leaves me pretty tired out. So many distractions at home is really no good for me. I really have to buck up, I dont want to regret this.

Pei Zhen said something that really inspired me this week, she said that

we only get 1 chance to get this right, and if we don't, we would really regret.

I couldn't agree more. & I'm going to stick with it and study eventhough I don't like it.


I can't help but feel a bit emotional now, as I just read this girl, GiGi's blog. It's in mandarin, so Pei Zhen, don't bother visiting. I don't know her, I came across the link on Facebook.

This girl's boyfriend just passed away in a car accident, on the 24th of April. She's going through a really hard time now, obviously. I don't know how she can actually blog all the process and details out. She refers her deceased boyfriend as lo gong. I initially thought they were married or something, then I realise they were dating and she's born in 1992. Just like me!

If I was her, I really don't know how can I accept it. I really won't be able to blog. I'm impressed and I hope she will be strong and get through this.

It's really sad you know? To suddenly lose somebody you love, without a word of farewell. All the hopes and dreams crushed when you see the body lying on the tar road. Terrible.

This story taught me to love my family, friends and boyfriend more. Life is very fragile and we should not take it for granted. Be nice to them and appreciate them and tell them you love them, or at least show them that before it's too late!
Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Paranormal Encounter.


This morning, I reached campus at around 7.30am. After that I wanted to go to the library but I forgotten to bring my Student ID, so since it's so near my class I went in to put my bag.

Seeing that nobody's in my class, I went to the toilet to waste some time and wait for Jun Wei to come.

(wth I feel like writing an exam essay, but anyway)

This is a layout of the toilet.
oh the green parts are basins.

Okay, so I went into the toilet. I looked inside and I see nobody, all the doors of the stalls are open. At first I'm quite scared. I've always been scared of school toilets especially when it's so big and I'm all alone. Plus, there's this fan that's on the floor that's really strong and it always sends the toilet roll at the end of the toilet flapping around.

But I thought since it's early in the morning there shouldn't be anything. & looking at the mirror vaining when there's noone around is fun!

So I stood at the first mirror nearest to the exit, as shown in the diagram above. I was brushing my hair with my fingers and adjusting my pants. Half way through adjusting it, I heard a loud and clear and distinct noise. The noise where guys like to tease girls with? You know, the kissing noise? Almost like a squeak?

My heart was beating really fast after that because I'm so so frightened. I walked out immediately. It's really scary. To think there's a man ghost in the girl's bathroom. Omgee.

Maybe I'm being very sua gu sampat whatever, but really this is what I felt. I don't know if it's ghost or not, but I couldn't think of any other logical explanations.

Jun Wei begs to differ because he is a really big non-believer, and he thinks it's the pump or something. ButI disagree because,

1. Pumps are not so loud.
2. machine squeks are not such a distinct squeek with no mixture of any other noises.
3. I'm not scared of machines.
4. It's probably not a machine.

OK I just kind of convinced myself that it's not a machine and now I don't dare to shower. ):
Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A short short one.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Of love & other things. (:

Today I attended Yen Yen's birthday gathering. It was quiet & nice. I wasn't there for long though, due to the terrible jam outside. We ate and talk, cosy and sweet.

Anyhow, I want to talk about puppylove and what nots today. About love.

Today at The Gardens I met the couple, I think they are quite new. The other half is studying at UK, and another studying at the same college as me. So I think due to the volcano eruption, the UK boy can't go back. He's staying a little bit longer here, and seeing the college girl everyday.

They just look so sweet and so cute together, you know? When I look at them I feel so envious & I can almost feel the sweetness of their relationship. It looks so pure and so fun. 

I somehow ended up in their Facebook, & I see the messages they left on each other's wall. So loving and sweet, I couldn't resist but click on 'like'. Heck, I even 'like' their photos taken together. Such a perfect couple.

My relationship with Jun Wei is not like that though, doesn't feel that way. If I were to describe relationships as food. Theirs would be bubblegum, mine would be like chocolate.

Pink bubblegum is so pretty colour and it's so fun to eat. It taste so sweet and you can blow bubbles. So elastic and stuff. Bubblegum is so yummy and 'light' kind of food. It's fun and happy, not so serious.

Chocolate is so rich in flavour, it's dark coloured, not pink. But it's so sweet and it taste slightly bitter. It's a very sensual food, smooth and sexy. Not as fun and as youthful as bubblegum, though. Chocolate even makes people happy, it's pure cocoa & it's a heavy kind of food. It's so serious.

See the difference?

I think it's the people who makes up what type of food the relationship is. It's like colours. The darker colour will influence the lighter colour. I guess I'm a darker colour compared to Jun Wei. That's why it made us chocolate. I wish it was more bubblegum though. Bubblegum is more youthful and I'm too young for chocolate! 

The couple's made of bubblegum, both of them, I guess. But I don't know them well, maybe for them they'd think they are chocolate!

Maybe for other people, they'd think that we are bubblegum. 

Whatever food it is, I think highschool couples. As in serious couples are the sweetest and maddest lovers in the world. First love is the sweetest, like how the first cut is the deepest. The stakes are very high, but the outcomes are high too.

If I've learned anything from this, I learn that love isn't as easy as it seems. It's pretty complicated. it's like a big mixture of feelings. They're pretty contradictive, so I'm confused all the time. The thing that keeps me, and us together is the effort we put in to make us happen. The future is hard to say, anything can happen. I think we should live a day at a time, & let it be.

When I think of his face I smile. Really. Even though all the annoying things he does, and all the worrisome thoughts he has. It's important that he can make me smile, even though he is lame and he's kiddy. I acknowledge that he is imperfect, but I still think he is the closest I can get to perfection. I believe that nobody out there is better than him.

& I guess that's all that counts! <3

you wouldn't understand the degree of sweetness of this photo unless you have a boy/girlfriend.
It's no sexual or anything. It's the closeness. (:
Friday, April 16, 2010
There goes the college break,
Here comes the depression.




Sunday, April 11, 2010


It's really clear that I'm a bad multitasker. I use to think I was good until Pei Zhen existed in my life. She likes to talk to me when I'm doing something. Just now my mum was talking to me when I'm playing Hotel City on facebook and I didn't hear a word she's saying. Lol.

I'm meeting with Lok Yan tomorrow! I'm excited. I must wear high high heels or something. She's so tall you know! I forgot how I know. But I know!

I woke up at 12pm today. I'm so sad. Yesterday I had a lotta Pu Er tea for dinner and I can't sleep. I thought I was immune to caffeine since I mix with Jun Wei so much. He is pretty immune to caffeine. I had a cup of very yummy flat white at Dome with Yen Yen, and numerous cups or Pu Er. & I slept at 3am. Almost cried. I hate it when I cannot sleep because I feel so alone. Everyone I know is asleep except for me! I called up Jun Wei to wake him up and try to invite him to join me but he slept like a pig. Damn depressing.

No more tea at night for me! But more flat whites are okay. I'm totally in love with flat white!

I have been wanting to paint my nails for almost a month now. But seriously, I'm this big of a procrastinator. I'll paint them tonight.

It's going to rain.

I don't like it when it rains at 6pm. It's the stupidest time to rain. 6pm is supposed to be the best time of the day, with the best temperature and stuff. But no, it has to rain. Why can't it rain at 1pm when it's so hot and stuffy?! Or better yet at night, when everyone's asleep and the sound of the rain almost sounds like waves?

Facebook Hotel City is a stupid game. Things are so expensive, like 750 coins being the cheapest, yet guest only pays me 1 coin per night. What the hell.

I better start studying. Tomorrow. Hah!

Paris Hilton is so pretty and hot but she's really stupid. Like in Simple Life and My New BFF.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Everything will be alright.

an optimistic photo, just like how I am trying to feel now.

It's been a super long time since I last wrote. Actually it's not that long, it's just I always get interupted half way when I'm writing and I lose 'the zone', and the post gets deleted.

First of all,
Please excuse me for my language and tone in the previous post. I have considered to delete it, but I believe in 'what said is said', & I still don't want to take back anything I said. I still don't feel sorry. I'm just not so angry anymore, & I feel that if she read what I wrote she might fail my tests. Hahah. BUT, I'm still not deleting it. It's such an ugly sight though, I don't like angry posts. It's ugly. ):

Second of all, 
it's the hola hola days! Not much of one, but still! No need to wake up at 6am leh! My break has started and I have wasted 2 whole days now. I went Mid Valley yesterday & rediscovered the joy of grocery shopping. I went to Jaya 1 for lunch and spent few hours in the car. I'ma roast some vege later. This is what I have been doing with my holiday, or rather 'vacation' -  as the college people call it.

Third of all,
Tomorrow, I'm going to Pavillion with my bestest friend in the world, Yen Yen. I'm really looking forward to that. The last time i saw her was a day after collecting my SPM results the-day-that-must-not-be-mentioned.
On Monday, I'll probably be going to Sunway Pyramid to meet my old old primary school friend, Lok Yan, who migrated to New Zealand since standard 3. I'm excited about that! On the following Friday I'll be going to Yen Yen's house for a sleepover. & Saturday I'll be at XXX doing XXX. 

Fourth of all,
Lok Yan called me last night. She has been in Malaysia for weeks but we planned to meet up now, before she leaves and go back to New Zealand and never to be seen again. I know I sound really stupid if I say it, but, Omigosh when she called me she had a really strong accent & I really couldn't believe it was her. It's really weird in the sense that the girl i have been chatting on msn doesn't speak the english that I speak. I'm really really fascinated with her accent & I like it very much. I've always love accents. Especially Irish and British ones. Oh and French & Italian. It almost sounds melodious

Fifth of all,
I don't like 'third of all'. My holiday is too pack for my liking & I don't think I have time to study. I havent even counted in the days that are reserved for date with mum and date with boyf. So terrible. I have tons to catch up with my studies.. 

sixth of all, 
I prefer to blog when I'm happy. & unfortunately, I'm not too sure if I'm happy now.

seventh of all, 
I don't think this is a great post. So I'm going to brighten it up with colours! & trick you all into thinking this is an awesome post, like my every other entries.

...& I'm outta here.
Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I really want to drop law, you know?
But I'm still taking it cuz I dont wanna be a quitter. I don't want to attend any class anymore though. I wonder if tis option is available.

There's a few reasons,
one, law requires A LOT of studying.
two, law classes are like clown class.
three, my law lecturer sucks, she cannot control the class and that causes her class to be super unproductive.

I'm at the library now, when I'm supposed to be at my Law Lecture.


I left Accounting Lecture at around 10.50am, then went to The cafeteria which is on the way to my classroom to buy one curry puff.

I didn't eat dinner last night, and I didn't have breakfast this morning. I was pretty hungry.

So once I got the curry puff I climbed up the stairs and ate at the same time. It's not like I sat down at the cafeteria to enjoy my food.

When I reach class, I was 4 minutes late or something. Pei Zhen opened the door, and the
Pmsing Law Woman said, "GET OUTTA MY CLASS. You are always late. Why are you late?"

Pei Zhen said, "i had gastric so I go get some food."

& she's like, "Get out! Don't come into my class!"

So I turned around and walk off la. She's so rude and annoying.
She's probably still pissed from the last time when we were late.

& the last time I was late was because I was talking to Ms. Pun, it's not even like I was lingering around the college or eating in the cafe. It's like she doesn't believe me.

You know, I would love to skip her class if I had a choice since I don't listen to her. It's so noisy and everyone's talking. How am I supposed to listen. I normally do my accout homework during her class anyway. She never really helped me with my law. Crappy woman. Don't know how she become a lecturer.

Stupid squish boob woman. So angry lo!

I'm not sorry at all. b***h
Thursday, April 1, 2010

The odd one out. (?)

I was just wondering.

Is it just me, 
or is this how the universe works.

So enlighten me after you read. (:

Is it just me, or 
does everyone breathes out sharply after the car drives over a bump?

Is it just me, or
does everyone regret getting onto the roller coaster when the ride is beginning?

Is it just me, 
or does everyone have a todo or to accomplish list but never get accomplished?
This is directed to everyone but Choong Aik & Briana. :P

Is it just me,
or does everyone feel like they have a weird stomach ache and urge to pee when they're anticipating something.

Is it just me,
or does everyone eats when they come home from college.

Is it just me, 
but why does everyoen nowadays doesn't it eat inerts and chicken skin? They are delicious!

Is it just me,
or did everyone in the world just got nicer?

Is it just me,
or does everyone sometimes burp liquid? It's really gross. : /

Is it just me,
or is this season of American Idol is bad in the sense that, the good ones get voted off. ): 2 of my favourite just got voted off. & they are good! My type of voice.

Is it just me, 
or does everyone likes to drink chicken essence?

Is it just me,
or does everyone anticipate their birthday?

Is it just me,
or does everyone likes to scribble everywhere?

Is is just me,
or does everyone doubts themselves?

Is it just me,
or is my boyfriend spectacular?

Is it just me,
or is everyone just as lucky?

Is it just me,
or does everyone lose in 'paper scissors stone' 20 times in a row?

Mhmm. Way more to go, but I can't think of it. It it just me or does things slip out of everyone's mind like that? Haha. Okay, gonna go try to live up to my expectations now.

Ps, I GOT MY IPHONE BACK. Miss you so much baby :D

PPs, Sumen & Yu Yang thought Dalai Lama is a goat. hahaha. How many more of you people thought so??

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