Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I had KFC today! So happy, it's the first time I tried Crispy and Hot version. Or is it the Hot & Crispy I don't know. It's GOOD! better than I expected cuz I'm not a fan of spicy food. It's good and oily, crunchy and chikeny. Yumm! Totally made my day. :D

Accounting's test was horrible. Ruined my day. D;

I wore a jersey and shorts to college today.
My conservative law teacher said, "Why are you wearing shorts and slippers??" 
at the really wrong time, I just got back from failing my Accounting test.
So I said, "because I'm in a bad mood." 

I know it's totally irrelevant. But if she were to ask me again,
I would say, "Because I'm expressing myself"
or something witty and funny.

I know I'm not supposed to wear shorts, sleeveless and slippers. BUT, wearing jeans and shoes and T-shirt is so not my type of clothes. I would wear em if I don't look like a dumpling in them. If I was taller and skinnier I would.

& also, if she wants me to comply by the dress code. Make everyone else comply. Where ever I go I see girls wearing slippers and shorts. Sleeveless tops and 'sexy' tops. So yeah.

I'm supposed to be having dinner now.

I bought 3 cans of Prego spaghetti sauce, a pack of spaghetti, one recyclable bag for RM10. DAMN CHEAP OK. Seriously. You can even get a decent plate of spaghetti with that amount of money.

My mum's friend said she heard ghost singing yesterday morning at 6am. I asked her if it was the Muslim prayers, but she said there wasn't any mosque near her house. She said it sounded very terrible. Hmm. I still kind of thing it's Muslim Prayers. Somehow the speakersof the mosque can project very far away. Dont you think?

I don't know what to wear for college tomorrow. Now I appreciate the uniform system. Not that I ever despise the system, I just despise the design.

Umm. Pre Law students are really bitchy not nice. & Jon, Aish, Jessica, Kelvin, and the people who went to orphanage with me,  if you happen to read this, everyone except you guys. You guys are one of the awesomest people I know. (:

The rest of the students are really mean. It all started with some misunderstandings between us, and from that day onwards they just cannot get over it. & they start teasing and cheering all these at the wrong times! I'm not saying anything, but Pre law students that I'm specifically talking about are the guys.

Today my classmates went on stage to present something, and they started spiting us. How uncivilised and childish. They were asking us questions on purpose and doubting their research. As if they knew any better about Buddhism! Talking about them makes me so angry. Can't believe there's still this sorta people in college. Grow up already!

Okay this post is getting bit too long and dinner's getting cold.


crap, my sister wants to rehearse her stupid speech competition thing with me.die.
Monday, March 29, 2010


This is a post about extremes.

I'm really stressed.

I'm really lazy.

I really hate the internet.

I really.

I really feel like crap.


I'm really, quite sad.
Thursday, March 25, 2010



Actually I don't have much to say at all. I don't even know why am I here.

I have so many things to do lately, I don't even have time to catch my breath.
The thing is, I never accomplish anything eventhough I have so many things to do. Eventhough I feel breathless.

I've been wasting too much time coming online, eating sleeping and what not.

A very good example is like now.
I have 3 sets of account due tomorrow. Law assignment due next Monday. Economic test next Tuesday. Accounting test on Wednesday. It's a sad story, really.

I have to buck up! But procrastination is taking the best of me.

I clearly know what am I supposed to do, & what am I not supposed to do. Yet, I'm doing the stuff that I'm not supposed to do.

I posted it on Facebook and people tell me that's what life is all about. I beg to differ. It's not what life is all about.

If you ask me, I'd say life is about living conciously and make right decisions that is best for you. 

Now that's what life is all about.

& I'm going to go live up to it by making the right decision that's best for me, like attempting my accounting questions.. Now.

I bet you, yeah you, are not supposed to be reading my blog now either. haha, but no one's complaining. I love my readers. Especially those who thinks I'm funny!  :D

Wednesday, March 24, 2010





I'm at the school library now.

My iPhone have been sent back to Maxis because my dad suddenly realised what a stupid idea it is to let me have an iPhone.

I'm so depressed. ):

I'm just shitting you people for the reason of it being sent back. OF COURSE my dad didn't think it is a bad idea, even if he thought so. IT'S TOO LATE. hahah.

Sent back for repairs la. The mic got problem. :P
love you guys.
Tuesday, March 23, 2010

To go or not to go?


To Do List.
  •   Economics last question
  • Accounting Q12
  • Paint nails
  • Law, study.
  • Plan ____ _____ ______

All this hopefully achieved by 12am tonight. I would really deserve a big bowl of Pan Mee.

Ok. I not happy now.
Bye Bye.
Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Blues.

Today's Monday, the most dreadful day of the week.

I think everyone hates Monday, unless you're
a. starting school,
b. going shopping after school,
c. has no school,
d. has a huge exciting presentation,
e. birthday is on Monday.
f. a big huge-butt nerd.

Anyway, good thing Monday's coming to an end!
Now it is Tuesday! Good thing it's ending at 2.40pm tomorrow. One of the simple joy in life is when school ends early or the lecturer is missing.

You know, previously I don't like my accounting teacher so much because of her sarcasm. Now I like her.
I don't like Ms.Shrek. She's so mean!

I don't like thinking skills and I think it's a very lame subject. I didn't study for my test & I got pretty good marks, not to boast, but I think I was the highest mark scorers, along with Hui Yi.

I'm probably gifted in that subject or something. *smirk*

So anyway, she's really sarcastic and mean to me ok! I don't want to elaborate, she just is and you have to believe me. Ms. Shrek is not nice. Hmmph.

Bah, college sucks but it guarantees a good future, provided if I study properly, which I surely will.
I don't want to end up a failure like ________.

& plus, thanks to Pei Zhen I finally realise what I seriously really want to be. (:

So yeah, things are looking pretty good for me now.
Except for law lessons. Lol.
Friday, March 19, 2010

It's the weekends yea yea yeaah!

Another week has gonee, & I'm still all alone;
How could this be, you're not here with meeee. 
I need inspiration.

Lol. Ok. Stop it. :P

The last time I updated was yesterday right? Oh, it was 2 days ago. Wow this 2 days felt like one day. I don't even remember what I did yesterday.

I have really bad memory. I misplaced so many things this week!

First I misplaced a thumb drive, I found it in my denim mini.
Then I misplaced my Economics Workbook, I left it in the library. Good thing Yu Yang saw it and took it home for me.
Today I misplaced my file. *GASP* I left it in the sick bay. Yu Yang saved the day again and brought it back to me.

& I lost tons of stuff before.

ANYWAY, I want to sum up this week. (:

I wake at at 7.10am, and left home at 7.30am, and reach school and 7.50am. EVERYDAY. So happy. I love waking up when the sun's up, simply because people are supposed to wake up when the sun is up and sleep when the sky is dark. Waking up at 6am is pure cruelty!

I think I like accounting.

I got an iPhone!

I filed up all my notes.

The stupid lappy's keyboard is weird ):

I think I just lose my blogging mojo because I need to take a shower & I want to launch a project tonight.

I'll let you know what project it is, if I suceed. ;)
If I fail then too bad LORH!
Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Techonology BOOMS!

I can't believe the last time I blogged was 2 days ago! It's not because I love blogging that much, it's that 2 days felt so long. Proves that these 2 days have been productive. 

 (for the suspense sake, highlight!)

I've got an iPhone!!

I'm going to

I'm so so happy. I've never been able to choose my handphone since I started owning handphone. & this time, I didn't get to choose either. But at least I ended up with an awesome phone! I never thought of ever owning one, thus I never really wanted one. Now that I actually have one it is a totally different story. 
Like SillyPiggy said,

     It's like my second baby.

Comparing to the past few days, I'm much more happier with myself. I guess 8A is not that bad, seeing that I don't attend any tuition at all. I think I'm finally over it! But, I'm not saying it is good. It's bad, but not that bad. 

And also, I'm not so bad at accounting!

It's weird that my favourite subject keeps changing. One day it's economics another day it's math. BUT it's never law. Law suck.

Speaking of Economics, my tests results were so bad have to go for extra class this Friday. 

Silly Piggy is going to apply for scholarship, JPA, Sime Darby, all this things. Talking about going to IELTS and stuff. Why havent I got good results that makes me feel deserving enough to talk to him abut scholarships...? It's like everybody is in the club except for me. 


I guess I am not that over it yet.

Time will heal the pain..

I shall go shower now and then attempt to improve my brain power by doing homework and stuff. 

*insert sobbing emoticon here*

Sunday, March 14, 2010




OK. DO NOT PANIC. (quote Becky Bloomwood )

So I didn't manayge to achieve anything on the stupid List. Who cares about the list anyway! I'm bitter now. ):
Darn it.


I took a REALLY awesome nap just now. I feel so contented lo. Naps are really mad awesome! I should take Saturday afternoon naps mre often. Why do I not take Saturday afternoon naps previously?! DumbDumb!

I took some photos with the awesome SLR & I finally figured out how to do the apperture thing, okayla I know I'm very noobie. BUT STILL! By the way, the apperture thing is the background blur front clear thing, and vice versa. Awesome right!

Now I need to find our how to do the main point got colour background no colour thing. I don't think my SLR got this function. Maybe I need photoshop. Photoshop is so awesome. 

& Silly Piggy said he got me a gift and the hint is CM. Haha, the first think that came into my mind is Club Member. LOL. Then it's Club Monaco. 

Or maybe it is CharM. Wooooo charm (; (;

Haha I don't know what it is, but I wrote it here. I feel really mean, but still. I'm sure you feel so pressure now. HAHA. :P

My dad ask me to choose a restaurant for dinner tomorrow. Ok this is so rare that I get to make this choice. But it's kind of like a celebration for my crappy results. ): I feel so undeserving. People who got 10A are not celebrating then why am I celebrating? 

You know why? 
Because my parents loves me HAHA. 

& eventhough I'm undeserving and stuff, I think I'm going to attempt to ask for an iTouch.

OK. tomorrow I HAVE to achieve the list or else I ban myself from coming online for, ONE WHOLE WEEK.

gasp! I better do it.

Ps, I just reread the post & I realise I se the word awesome a bit too much. :P AWESOME!

Gonna go anticipate my routine late night call from Jun Wei. Just so you know, we call each other EVERY night for as long as I can remember. No matter it's a 3 hour call or 10 minutes call. I think it is great, we say good night and crap shitloads.

Sometimes it's very emotional calls when we're both in high stress situation.

sometimes we shout at each other until somebody hangs up.

Sometimes we scream to break up.

Sometimes we're so lovey dovey that we cry tears of happiness.

Sometimes we get so annoyed we wanna drive over to each others house and set it on fire.

Sometimes we get so tired we sleep when the other one is still talking.

Sometimes somebody sleep talks.

Sometimes somebody sleeps and the other one listens.

But everytime we end it with "SWEET DREAMS! I love you! Bye Bye"

EVERY NIGHT, like a lullaby!

Wow this is a very long "P/s".
Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hello Hello My Name's Dibo!

Hello Lovey Doveys!

So I was going to blog about yesterday, yesterday. But Jun Wei took too long of a time to upload em photos & I lost the mojo!

Yesterday Yen Yen gave me an awesome possum bottom surprise! She showed up at Mid Valley all of a sudden.

She came all the way from her college just to meet me and cheer me up. Awww, I'm so touched. & also thanks to Jun Wei the SillyPiggy who planned with her. It is so sweet.

I think it's the happiest day of this year, so far. (:

We had a really good lunch and we talked and gossiped as always. I miss girl love! I love you Yen, & thanks so so much. I really appreciate it. & I feel so much better!

& have I told you, Yen, that I'm really proud and happy for you? You did well, improved SO MUCH since PMR. (: & you're a really good friend!

I woke up pretty early today. Can anyone tell me why is it the time you wake up is the time when the bed is the softest and pillow the comfiest? I think I had an interesting dream but I don't remember. I dream almost every night. Fun, but sometimes I feel like I didn't sleep at all. ):

It's only 2pm now, I have a list of things I want to do. I absolutely love lists.


  •  Do accounts. 
  •  Figure out iTunes. T____T
  • Curb my internet obsession problem

You know I just put a counter on my website & removed the music? The counter keeps increasing but no one writes on my chatbox! Please liven up my chatbox! See now I so pathetic already! At least say like, Hi or something.

& the music has been remove because it is annoying. Simple as that. The song is good though! Bree likes it! It's just annoying because blog songs are annoying. 

Haha, now I shall go carry on my daily activities and attempt to finish my "LISTTT!"
Friday, March 12, 2010


Hello world

It's 7.31am now, I'm blogging in the college's library. & I'm not used to the keyboard thus I'm typing while staring at the keyboard. How noobie. Lol. Oh and the monitor is tad too far and the angle's not good, it reflects the lights on the ceiling!

I miss me Lappy!

Anyhow, I woke up in a relatively good mood. I hope nobody ruins it as you know how easily influenced I am.

(GASP I just realise Internet Explorer doesn't have spell check!!)

My plans for today,

Things I want to do today:

Hopefully watch Alice in Wonderland in MV with the love and celebrate his achivement. Once again, I'm so proud of you! At least one of us got 10A. (:

Do one set of accounts.

Read half chapter of Economics or Law. Depending on my mood.

Stay happy.

Quite achievable right, I hate unachievable goals, makes me feel really terrible if I can't achieve it. ):

&, Pei Zhen just came. & she told me nobody blogs in the morning. Hahah, let me be the first then. Pei Zhen's so funny. (:

Crappy Blackboard 7 is un-log-in-able, DAMN.
My stupi accounting tutorial is in there, & if I don't have it during accounting class later, Ms Punny is gonna nag. Again. I'm begininning to see why people don't like her. She's so annoying. The myth about how unmarried woman has problems is so true. She's so irritable! & irritable people are irritating. hmmph! I hope she doesn't stumble upon my blog. :X

Okie, I think I have released out everything I want to say. Now it's time to colourize my post & make

this boring post look, INTERESTING. !
Thursday, March 11, 2010

All The Small Things

Hi, so I got the SPM result today.

I'm not even gonna try not to say it or hide it or avoid it. I got 8A, including of GCEO Level English.
Please don't tell me that it is not a subject, because I won't be able to accept it if you say I got 7A.

I got A+ for History and both English.
A for Moral, Biology, Math.
A- for Physics &  BM.
B+ for Chemistry and Add Math.
B for Chinese.

I cried like a baby. I buried my head into Silly Piggy & sobbed. I don't know how can I not care about all the other people walking around probably staring at me. I don't know how can I not feel embarassed judging by how shallow I am usually, but anyhow, I did it.

(& that stupid stupid reporter who took photo of me sobbing pathetically. & I hope she doesn't publish it. Now I know why are paparazzis annoying.)

Silly Piggy was consoling me, and he sounded as sad as me.

You know how many A he got?
He got my dream grades. 10A! With all A+, except for one A-.

He looked as sad as me. When my mum called me, he talked to my mum for me. He told her that it's not so bad.

Really, can it get any better than this?
Okay, ignore the fact that my results reeked, just look at how he treated me.
Can it get any better?

If we were to exchange roles, I don't know if I can do such a good job in cheering him up.

He is probably celebrating with his family or friends. His mum is going to be so proud of him.

Ahh, haha I want him bymyself only. Don't want to share with his mum or dad. :P Love you baby! (:

& Pei Zhen & Yen & JuiSie & ShuHuey was so nice to me. Aww I'm so touched lo. I love you girls.

& I expected myself to get better results than this. I really do. I imagined how happy I'd be and how I'd spend all the money I'd get. But I got 8 only. Everytime I think if it I want to cry.

I don't think I can really accept it yet. ):
Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Lost in This Big ol' World

Feels like I'm wondering around, moving in circles but not going anywhere.
Do you know how does that feels like?

It's like all the things I'm doing now is a waste of time.
All the worries I have & all the efforts that I'm putting in is all going to a waste. 
Wasting my time, wasting my dad's money and everybody's effort.

I hope 
I made 
the right choice 
by signing up 
A Levels

on a brighter note, I have a joke to share with people-who-are-not-my-classmates.

Mei Yan, "You know there's this pick up line 'My love for you is like diarrhea, I can't hold it in' "
Everyone, "HAHAHAHAH" 
Chun Yew, "Huh? What?"
Everyone, "HAHAHAHAHA"
Chun Yew, "Okaay...."
Lecturer, "You should use that pick up line next time..." 
Chun Yew, "You mean, the 'My love for you is like diarrhea, I can't wait?'"
Monday, March 8, 2010

Time Can't Erase A Feeling This Strong


                                   I'm scared
                                   How about you?
                                                                                                                     I'm fine, thank you.

"Have you watched Ju-On before?"
"Yeah, it's that Korean ghost movie right?"
"Mhmm, Lemme ask you a question. How do you turn Ju-On off?"
"Huh? Umm off the TV?"
"No... Ju-Off"

Right,  okay, now I'm scared again. I can't think.
Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fate will twist the both of you.

Hello, I'd be attending ze twin's birthday bash soon. I didn't buy a gift!
*ahh panic*, I guess I'd owe them first.
I'd post about them later. (:

Ahh I really feel like prettying up myself. I can't wait to finish showering & start dolling up. Yay! 

& did I tell you that MY. NECK. HURTS ? Ouchies. ):
Saturday, March 6, 2010




"Give it to him."

I love my mum. (:


I came back from the orphanage visit, & I enjoyed it very much. Even though I played soccer under the hot sun, painted a house, mopped a house with stinky water, & jogged under the sun.

It was all for a good cause, those poor orphans. I really wish I could do something that can make them feel better. ):

So we did what visitors normally do, play games and give gifts.

One of the games we played is musical chairs. So when it's down to the last chair, & only one of the 2 boys would get a seat & win the prize.

I forgot their names, let's call them boyA & boyB. & I think boyB is older than boyA

The music stopped, & BoyB instantly sat on the chair, 0.5seconds earlier than BoyA. BoyB had a bigger share of the seat compared to BoyA.

So I said, " boyB won! Congratulations! Come close your eyes and put your hands into this bag. Choose a prize!"

He took 2 steps towards me, & turn around and told BoyA, " Come, come take the prize. I give it to you." while patting BoyA's back.

BoyA said, "It's okay, you win, you should take the prize"

So I said, "who's the winner?"

& they both pointed at each other.

So sweet right? I think I'm the only one who realised it.

I have never been to an orphanage before. It's actually because I always feel very ashamed of myself, when I have all this luxuries that they don't. I feel that they deserved it more than I do. Why, they don't even have parents...

It's hard to imagine how life is for them. Living in a small-ish house with 20 other people. & for the only Chinese boy there, to live with a house with only Indians except for him. I'm not being racist, it's just, it's just a sense of belonging, I guess.

I don't know how can their parent just give them up like this, it is really unfair to them. I really, really wish that life would be easier for them.

Before playing musical chairs, we played football.

Under the 11.30pm sun, the group of kids and my team mates are all in the basketball court-turned into-football 'court', simply because the field is really big and there's lots of puddles. (I don't understand how could it be raining an hour ago and the next hour can be so SCORCHINGLY hot).

Anyway, around 17 kids are running, kicking the football barefooted on the cement floor, with some of sand and puddles here and there. Under the really hot sun. Running so fast. I was so worried about the well being of the soles of their feet. Won't they blister?

But they were still really happy. Eventhough the football was worn out as ever, and the court was worn out as ever. They were still really happy.

It's that simple.

If I make it one day, I really want to set up a good, spacious orphanage & provide education for them. Give them a chance in the society and work and support themselves.

Sigh, I don't know why is this visit having such a big effect on me. I really hope they're happy. (:

On a brighter side,

I had a really good time with Silly Piggy today. Mmuah. Baby boy! Love love you.

Ah, I'm pretty tired. I'm excited about going to bed, sure sleep like pig! I love sleeping like pig.

z ZZ Z

One Happy-ish girl

I don't know what's with my boxing pose, I was actually holding my hair since the big fan on my right is blowing my hair all over the place. But I do look like one happy-ish girl. It was taken during Chinese New Year. (:

Anyhow, I have loads of stuff to tell you guys! Loads, all about me though. Because I'm selfish & this is my blog. HAHA.

But I have not much time, because I'm waiting for Silly Piggy to come and bersama sama go to IOI Mall bus stop to meet up with the rest of the LAN people and bersama sama take taxi go to the orphanage.

So, I shall put it in point forms! Point forms are fun & easy to read.

I got 52, DONKEY for my accounting test. So sad. I expected a FAIL though. But still, that pretty girl is my class got 89, APPLE!

My team members are so going to be late for the meeting with the other team. Paiseh man. Later I should go scold them HAHA. Especially that somebody I mentioned in the last post. Gonna torcher, I mean torture him.

My face is so dry, I'm surprised there's no cracks.

My contact lens is 1 week overdue.

Shit the opposite team members are all already there! & I hope non of my team members are sleeping.

Oh, I failed my law test last week. Bollocks.

My acedemics sucks.

I want to be a fashion magazine editor! I'm serious!

I'm too panic to type. Gotta call up everyone and hurry hurry them.

See you later!

here goes...
I hope it doesn't smell.
Friday, March 5, 2010


Quite geram now lo. ):

Stupid boy.

SOMEBODY told him that he can get a way prettier girlfriend than me.

I very teruk meh now.

& I think I know who that somebody is.
stupid boy.
Thursday, March 4, 2010


I am really tired! But i still have loads of stuff to.

I'm pretty happy, I bought lotsa clothes, & a really cool super torned jeans. I bought 3 cute tees, or was it 4?

Shopping makes me happy. (: (: (:

No glamourous photo today, because I am tired. & also, I have a complicated mood which I'm pretty sure no photos can reflect.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Love things.

If ever two were one, then surely we.
If ever man were lov’d by wife, then thee.
If ever wife was happy in a man,
Compare with me, ye women, if you can.
I prize thy love more than whole Mines of gold
Or all the riches that the East doth hold.
My love is such that Rivers cannot quench,
Nor ought but love from thee give recompetence.
Thy love is such I can no way repay.
The heavens reward thee manifold, I pray.
Then while we live, in love let’s so persever
That when we live no more, we may live ever.

Anne Bradstreet (1678)


I'm pretty happy today. & I'll tell you why.

I figured out some accounts!

I failed my law test!

I had pork noodles!

I taught my brother to read!

I got an A for math test!


I spend a lotta money today!

See, actually the bad things weighs out the good ones. But I don't know why I'm still pretty happy. (:

"Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness."
- Oliver Wendell Holmes

no wonder.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Candy Coated Misery

I'm really tired of feeling drained. ):

I came home from college sleepy, as always. Normally I would walk straight to the kitchen & talk to my mum. But I didn't today, eventhough she's sitting right in front of me.

I put down my bag on the dining table, then pick it up again and went up to my room.

The thing is everytime I talk to her, she doesn't respond to me. Which makes me feel like a total idiot. She's always like that, which is why today I change my mind about saying random things to her.

I say random things to her because I just want a conversation. & normally I get a mono conversation.

Texting with Silly Piggy. He's so lucky, get to go shopping with his mum. Bought yet another pair of jeans. I haven't went shopping with my mum for 123456 years. Damn terrible.

I can't drive, I can't go out. Even if I could drive, my mum sure very controlling. I also cannot go out anyway, that's why I don't see the point in learning to drive. My pocket money is so limited, I can't even have Passionfruit Smoothie whenever I want, & of course not a Starbucks. Not that I like Starbucks, I just would like to have the option to be able to afford it. Have to eat at Asia Cafe all the time to keep to the budget. Damn dumb.

College is agony at times. Accounting is giving me the biggest headache of my life, coming close to SPM Chemistry. I really felt like kneeling on the floor, tear up the paper into bits and let them float in the air and rain on me. I want to pull my hair out of my scalp.

Good thing, the other subjects are not as bad. considerably acceptable. haha.

& SPM result is coming out in 2 weeks. Ha-ha. I nothing to say. Just plenty to feel. Feels like very violent butterflies in my tummy, & the CNY reunion dinner coming back up from my throat. No big deal.

Icing on the shit cake is there's economics and math test tomorrow. Wonderful accounts homework is due tomorrow too.

Well, on the bright side.

Silly Piggy can drive! Can't wait to rock the highway with him. (:

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