Sunday, February 28, 2010

Not here, nor there.

Well, the balloon is actually a painting on the wall. It's painted during some World War II during Germans invasion or something like that. I don't know about WWII.

Anyhow, I chose this photo because.

You see this balloon is rising up from this old & not so nice conditon wall. & I'm that ballon, the wall is my mood.

I'm (hoping that I could be) that balloon. Rising up to the clear blue cloudless sky. Slowly, but surely.
Saturday, February 27, 2010


Every photograph I post above the texts reflects the mood I'm in?
Haha, just thought you should know. (:

Umm anyway, I just woke up. I'm feeling quite ok, so I decided to blog!

Yesterday night I was listening to some 90s mandarin songs. They're really good! Reminds me of why I use to be so Cina. Lol.

Thing is english songs are catchy, but then in some songs, the lyrics doesn't make much sense. Or it's about clubbing, noisy love, break up, sex, dancing...


Kesha- Tik Tok,
It's catchy but I'm starting to not like it already. & the lyrics is about clubbing right. Don't even get me started about blahblahblah. How can that even be a title of a song. &Kesha's good at talking in a melodic voice.

& Boom Boom Pow - Black Eyed Peas
"Gotta get, get. Gotta get, get. Gota geeeeet get get get. Boom boom boom."
HUH? What does it even mean?

BadRomance - Lady Gaga
"GAGA WA A ARR, GAGA WA AR." Freakin hell.

Hey Soul Sister - Trains.
It's one of my favourite song, but the lyrics are quite weird.
" Lip stick stains, on the front lobe of my left side brain.."
" Like a virgin, you're Madonna" Madonna is not a virgin la.
But it's still a nice song. Lol.

All Akon songs.
Is. About. Sex. And girls.

But there are still good, nice normal songs. Just less, and maybe old. (:

Anyhow I think I got my point across. If I didn't then you just have really bad understanding abilities. & I cannot give you further examples as I have to go gt ready to go Pavillion with the boyfriend.

" You have to take your clothes off, to have a good time. Yeaaahyeahyeahyeah"
Friday, February 26, 2010

God, I love my friends & my family & my SillyPiggy more than I love myself! Without them, especially baby boy, I really don't know what to do. MMUAH !!

Anyhow, SPM result coming out on the 11th. Next Month. Panic or not? I panic.

I want to get 10A so badly, since my mum said she would give me a (big-ish) amount of $$ to me if I do get 10A, regardless of A-what.

Woosh, if I get that $$ I'd be so happy.

& for some reason, I honestly think that I have a chance in getting it.
But for some more logical reason, I don't think I can. :/

If it wasn't for that money, I would not have aimed so high. I think I would be satisfies if I got 9A?

I'm not confident for Add Math & Chemistry. Umm, Moral maybe? & Bio maybe? BM maybe? BC maybe?

Haha, obviously I'm not the most confident person in the world.

But my baby is. He's not the most confident, but way more realistically confident than me. & I think it's contagious.

I think, I wish, I hope, I have a shot in getting that 10A. I'd be the happiest girl. (:


If I don't, I don't know what I'd do. I don't even wanna think about it!
Thursday, February 25, 2010

Anybody there?

Maybe it is PMS? I hope it is. Because I don't feel good about it, at all.

& the worst part is that I don't know the source of the problem, it's so abstract.

Like I said before, I wish the was a book about me, then I can understand myself better. It's like I have to ask someone else about how I am to know who I am. When I am the one who's me.

Sucks I tell you.

& the thing is nobody can tell me what kind of person I am. Nobody.

I don't know. Maybe God's experimenting with me or playing a joke on me or something. I feel so confused & nobody understands me. Not even myself.

I don't know what I want. Well of course I know I want us to be together, but the process of getting there is so hard & it all seem so doubtful. I know I want to have a good future, but the future seems so mysterious, so many questions & possibilities. Hurdles & difficulties.

Sometimes when I feel like this, I wonder if I'm going to be one of those people who get featured on the newspaper because of some tragic death. What if my future heads to a tragic end? Is this why I'm so confused about everything? Is this why I can't make up a future for myself?

If I really died young, then what's the point of me worrying over so many things?

See? I'm clearly mental now.

& I really don't know anyone who's like me.

I'm obviously feeling pretty crappy now, & the thing is, I don't know what I need to do to cure myself from this stupid crappy sickness thing.

or rather, forgotten. (:

ahhh, * the f word *.
Wednesday, February 24, 2010

& here we go again !


Today's an okay day, don't really feel like talking about the bad parts. :/

Anyhow, I really hope things will go well between us. Because I'm really going crazy, with this PMS thing.

There's friggen Law test tomorrow. Aww, SO SAD. :'(

Going to study & (hopefully) sleep early.

& the whole point of this post is, I wanted to look for a nice photograph to post into my blog. (:
Isn't the photograph above so nice. (:

I aspire to be an awesome photographer like that. Is there a Photography Club in Taylor's??
Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A dedication

Hi. I know I'm supposed to be washing my panties and then studying accounts now, but I have my needs ok! Have to blog.

I'm not having a good day today, a continuition from yesterday's havoc.

But but but, I feel much better now!

All thanks to my SillyPiggy a.k.a darling boy, best known as baby boy !

I'll give you 10 reasons why my boyfriend is the best,

( & this by no means is a form of show off, nor bull shit. )
( But )
( I would love to be the subject of your envy.)

10 reasons my boyfriend is the awesomest ever.

1. He cares about me, a great great deal!

2. He calls me, eventhough the phone bill is going sky high. But I know if I wanted it, he would still risk getting screwed. He'd still give me a call.

3. He gives me hugs & kisses even if I give him a punch.

4. He buys drinks for me!

5. He worries about me. (:

6. He's always, always there for me.

7. He scolds me when I do something wrong, & when he scolds he yells at me too. But he'll apologise later, even if I'm the wrong & he's the right.

8. He knows me really well!

9. He thinks I'm perfect, even though obviously, nobody's perfect.

10. He thinks I'm pretty, even when I wear specs & am having a fat + bad hair + breakout days.

11. He's the most perfect thing, I mean person. Ever. He's smart, tall, dark, handsome, caring, corteous, polite, cultured, vain, funny, cute, kind, ambitious, sexy, lazy bum, glutton, fun, understanding, forgiving & so much more but I can't think of now. (:

12. He's an awesome kisser. Explains all the photos on top. (: I'm addicted to photos of kisses.

13. He loves me.

14. I love him

15. We love each other. (:

16. and

17. so

18. much

19. more

20. !

(: I love you beebee! Thanks so much for bearing with me. Blame girly hormones. :P

okie, now I gotta go wash my pantie & study accounts.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Self Discoveries & What Nots.

(for now)

I'm really excited about it now. I have 2 destinies... or maybe more. Career wise la!

Destiny Numo Uno

Well, if you know me well enough. You'll know that one of my absolute favourite thing to do, and absolute talent is --- SHOPPING. (:

Now don't argue with me that every girl is good at shopping and loves shopping okay! They might love it, but not many of them are good at it. Well a handful la, & I happen to be one of them!

I absolutely love shopping, no matter it's at the mall buying clothes, at the streets buying roadside accessories, at the beach buying seashells, at the supermarket buying cereal or at market buying vege.

Shopping is just so enjoyable. Provided the $$ is there.

& my destiny is of course, OPENING BOUTIQUE! *yay!!*
Okay might not sound much, but really. I'm going to source for the cheapest, cutest stuff ever. Open my own boutique and sell them triple the original price! I might even be the next Melium Group CEO. ;P

Destiny Numo Dos!

because I like working from home,
because I have lots of comments about everything,
because I think I've a good sense of smart bimbo humour,
& I'm not too bad at writing. ;)

But meanwhile I have to headache over A Levels. I have to chant myself into believing I'll excel in this .

I'm loving A-Levels, espcially Law.

I'm loving A-Levels, espcially Law.

I'm loving A-Levels, espcially Law.


Approximately 15 minutes from rush of I-found-my-destiny moment

I think I better stick back to boring business line jobs which I can hopefully but not very likely to live up to, but actually provides me money to fund my shopping passion.

Or rather, marry a rich husband.

Silly Piggy darling, read that?

Not so cheerios.

Gah, I feel so sad now. ):

I seriously think I'm too dumb for A Levels now, everyone around me is so smart. I feel so inferior.

Well this is not exactly the first time I feel this way. I can feel the old wound again.

I really hate that I'm such a procrastinator. I haven't been doing anything useful since forever. & I feel so stupid and useless. Sigh, don't want to blog already.

I'll be back soon. ;/

The 9th Day of Chinese New Year!

As a hokkien, of course I celebrate this day! Praying to the 'Tin Gong", God of the Skies. & also praying with sugar cane. My dad said it was because during olden times, the Hakka came and attak the Hokkiens. So, the Hokkiens hide in the sugar canes. The sugar canes provided food and shelter, so now we have to thank them. (:

Chinese culture is just so darn awesome.

( here goes boring part ! )

When I pray, my mind always scrambles for things to say to God. But every single time, I just don't know what to say. I end up saying nothing, or saying, I hope everyone's healthy and happy. Lol.

I guess I just want the Gods to know that I really am just praying to them, not asking for anything from them. Purely just with a heart of gratitude for everything I have, & just being nice to them. Haha, so that if I need anything in the rest of the year, it'll be much easier.

You see, I really believe that there's God. I don't know who He is yet, but I still pray. Everytime during hard times, or Chinese New Year, I'll get a little bit more religious. I like being religious. I like the feeling that someone up there has all the answers to the questions that I have. I like the feeling that someone up there knows what's happening to me and how I feel. I like the feeling that someone up there is perfect, and He has great powers, & maybe if he's listening to me when I'm having difficult times, He can lend me a hand, because only He can solve my problem?

Hmm. (:

I think it's only right to pray when we feel thankful to all we have.

I've heard of this story once, it's a Christian story, but I think all Gods are the same. ;)

There's this lady who passed away, & she went to heaven. The angels brought her for a trip around the offices in the heaven. The first room, she sees all the angels so busy. They are all busy opening letters and reading them. The office was really crowded too, there are so many workers because there's simply not enough helpers!

The angel explained that this is the office where all the prayers go. The angels are busy reading them and processing the prayers.

In the next office, the working angels are just as busy & just as crowded. This is the office where all the prayers are being answered. The office where the angels grants the prayers and send it to the person who was praying for it.

Finally, they arrive in the last office at the end of the corridor. In this office, there is only 1 angel worker. She has a bored look on her face, and when she sees the visitor, she droop her head, ashamed as the angel had nothing to do! That is the office where they are supposed to receive the thank you notes and gratitude from the people praying on earth.

So many prayers answered, yet only a handful felt thankful. ..

that's why, we must be thankful of all we have, all the time. or at least try.

end of the lecturing. :D

Ahh anyhow,

I'm going to shitty college tomorrow, how miserable.

Time to wash my face and call my Silly Piggy! <3
Sunday, February 21, 2010


"Somebody please tell me it's Sunday tomorrow?"

" It's Monday tomorrow. "


Crap there's college tomorrow. I REALLY DON'T WANT TO GO! The only thing that keeps me going is that I don't need to wear uniform, & there's the glorious break time, & I get to see Baby Boy.

It might be a wrong choice to choose A Levels, I'm really not happy going to college. I don't get along too well with my new classmates. They are fine, just not my type. Maybe I'm still new to it, but I can't get the family feeling from them, & I NEVER will. Except in Pei Zhen & Kelvin, maybe, hopefully.

Maybe I should've went for another course, like journalism or something.


I miss my old classmates & my old friends. I don't know how am I going to get on these months with the new people. I miss the sense of belonging.

& if I'd never told you this, LAW REEKS OF RACOON'S FART.

I have developed a love for photography. I wish I was good at taking photos.


I'm supposed to be studying now. ): If I don't do this I'd keep thinking I'm a terrible person. Terrible horrible person.



& (try to) do notes. (Pretty notes. Like the ones Bree did.)

I can feel the rush of inspiration once I think of those words and blank papers. *joy*

Wish me luck, hopefully when I next blog here, I'd be done with Chapter 3 of Law, AS Level.

ps. I think I've got my blogging mojo back. ;)

Love at 6am

I'm in a pretty cheery mood now! (:

Today at about 6 in the morning, yours truly had a VERY VERY BAD tummy cramp. I always get tummy cramps during the first day of 'free falling' as Pei Zhen likes to put it.

Rudely awaken by the bad pain and after I stumbled for the pink Panadol, my tummy still hurts. Really badly! Thanks to all the CNY cold drinks and Passionfruit Smoothie in college!

So I decided to rudely awaken my sleeping baby boyf, so he can distract me.

& he was being so nice to me, despite I woke him up at 6am. & I really felt better. <3 style="font-weight: bold;"> Lam Jun Wei,

Thank you so much, & of course, ILY!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

& here goes nothing.

I finally revved up my blog. It's good to feel that I have a blog with cute layout. I love this layout, it's so adorable!

Anyhows, I'm currently waiting for KaiYang to bring some stuffs for me, stuff he bought from his hometown, how nice of him. (:

I'm not feeling very happy today, maybe it's because of PMS? I don't know. It's probably because I have SO MANY things to do. & when I have SO MANY things to do, I'd have SO MANY things to think about, and when there's SO MANY things to think about, I'd be SO SAD.

It's like a deadly chain reaction. How sad. *insert cute crying emoticon here*


uno. Study law.
dos. Study accounts.
tres. Do math homework.
quadro. Emo over I dunno whats.
five. Try to cheer up.
sinko. Lose weight.

See, so dreadful.

I hate it when I feel like this. Don't have the "omph" to do the work, but at the same time complaining about all the work I have. ):

Somebody motivate me? Please?

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