Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Random stuff

I really like this photo! It's actually taken with a Nintendo DS camera, not bad right!


Trials are really close, so is my birthday. For my pass birthdays, I never spesifically wanted anything, but this year, I have only 1 item on my list.

1. Teacup Poodle / Toy Poodle.
I like brown ones. It's so incredibly cute right? However my dad doesn't let me have dogs, because I already have 2. It's 2 brown dobermans, very far from cute. I don't really 'talk' to them, they scare me. I scare them too I guess. So I might not be able to have them because if I get my cute poodle, the 2 dobermans will bark like mad...
Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I really shouldn't be here!

I just really like stick figures!

I'm at the college library now, been browsing the web for like, half an hour! Haven't been doing that for a long time. Everyone around me is studying they're heads off, and I'm here, browsing PostSecret and looking at stick figure comics.

I know, I deserve bad marks.

On the plus side, I did do some revision last night okay! It is better than nothing. I realize I talk about studies alot, it's probably the main worry I have.

(Jun Wei, the loving boyfriend here.. She should be studying with me now!! *hugs*)

The loving boyfriend forced that on my blog, he raped her! ):


Aside the horrible trials, I got my P license yesterday! I can't believe I can drive. When I was young, I thought the moment I can drive, would be the moment I'm officially a grown-up. Now, that I already got the license, Nuh-uh. Not yet. Not thaat grown up yet.

Grown up to me means to be able to support myself and not depending so much on my family. Shoo yeah, I'm still pretty much very dependent.

(omigosh Tan Pei Zhen is here. She studies so much, she's like the main source of pressure to me) 
( Tan Pei Zhen just remarked, like a second ago, "Omigosh time is like gold you know, don't waste time.")

( How to not stress??)

( and now she's throwing answers of the trial papers onto the table)

If only I had half her determination and focus...

Sigh, and to think I should be counting down to my 18th birthday! I have 2 accounting papers right after my birthday, so sad right?

(& now Tan Pei Zhen goes to study) 

I simply cannot study now, and being my selfish self, I'm going to go distract her. Goodbye readers!

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