Sunday, June 27, 2010



Isn't the photo above pretty? My dad took it during his visit to Hokkaido earlier this year, he's quite a photographer isn't it? Haha, or maybe it's impossible to take a bad photo with such beautiful scenery? Haha, I'm kidding. I edited a little bit and voila, pretty photo!

Right, I'm really really bored! For the pass few days I've done nothing, really, nothing. But then, being totally bored is one of life's indulgence. When I'm studying for exams, I sometimes wish I'm bored instead.

Well, these bored days would be over real soon, giving that my term break is ending tomorrow.

Part of me is really excited, while the other part is kind of dreading it.

I miss waking up early and having a purpose everyday, instead of feeling like a totally slacker, waking up almost at noon and sleeping in the middle of the night. After waking up, there's nothing to do. That's terrible.

I am so bored that I have nothing to say. Goodbye.
Monday, June 21, 2010



It's been a long time since the previous update, I know.

But here's what I've done since the last post

I started my driving lesson today!
It's not as scary as I thought, but then again I didn't know what to expect. It's pretty nerve wrecking when my engine dies so many times and the car jerks up and down. To make it worse, there's like so many other cars around you. Yeap. Driving is fun.

I editted photos!
Photos of Phuket. Mucho Mucho gracias to LENG HUE for being so nice and sharing with me the photo editing website.

And last, but definitely not the least...
I went on a totally fabulous vacation with my friends and family. 
It was so much fun, but I don't plan to like talk about everyday, because I basically do the same thing everyday. But you know, fun things. Like, going to the beach, playing with the water slide, having room service and stuff like that.

Oh, speaking of vacations. I was watching this Samantha Brown: Passport to Europe programme on TV today, she was visiting Majorca island of Spain (it's a really beautiful place, I think I know where is my dream vacation spot now) ( okay, Majorca, or the island of Capri ), and at the end of the show she concluded,

everyone has a different way of relaxing, some is to be wrapped around with luxury, some is to lie in the sheets all day, some is to take in the beauty of nature, some is just to spend the whole day at the beach.

So what's yours? Mine is everything. :)

moving on with the editted photos I talked about ealier. Here they are. Do you like it? I hope you do cuz I like it!

Saturday, June 12, 2010



It's Saturday today, 
which means it was Friday yesterday, 
which also means, my semester 1 exams are officially over;
which also means, 2 more days away from my awesome vacation!

I thought I would be very happy when the exams are over, well I wasn't as happy as I thought I would be, but I'm happier than usual! *thumbs up*

Anyways, my first college exam experience was quite good. As in, it wasn't that crazy hard as high school (except for math) , probably because the subjects I'm taking are not genius subjects such as science subjects. I'm a pretty content girl now. 

Oh and, during one of my exam, I had 2 Indian invigilators. I am not a racist person, it's just a kind of pattern I observed from Indian teachers/lecturers. They somehow think it's perfectly fine to yell, "SHUT UP" to students. 2 of the lecturers did that, and my high school Indian teachers did that too.

During form 5, I had 2 Indian teachers. One man and one woman whom both are rude and scary. They'd yell shut up at the top of their lung and say sarcastic comment.

During form 1, I had an Indian teacher who flings books to the floor. 

But they are nice when you are their pet. (:

Oh, and I had memories from my kindergarten when Indian teachers like to pull my ears.

Do you have bad experience with Indian teachers too?


Yesterday I went to Karaoke, which now I prefer to call, KTV, because Jay Chou calls it KTV, with my friends. It was fun. We had Pepper Lunch, my favourite. Then I bought 3 outfits at Forever 21, guess how much? RM100. Hahaha, so happy. Then went KTV, and I discovered a hidden singer among us, Melanie Chow, she was such an excellent singer! All of us thought the audio is on when she is singing. Really, she's a great singer. She sung Gemilang by Jaclyn Victor. Honoestly if it wasn't for her awesome voice, I'd be so bored cuz Malay songs are not my cup of tea. But I was so mesmorised, I wish I had awesome vocal like hers. 

After that, I met up with Anselm and Justin briefly. We didn't talk much, but I am happy I get to see them after so long!

My boyfriend is now buffing himself up at Penang. You know what's awesome about it? I feel so at peace with him now. Haha, not that I normally don't feel that. Just that normally I have a million what ifs and stuff, I figured that I should just go with the flow and cross my fingers that things will go my way? 

Righties, I'ma go drink some kai-lan + apple + cucumber + tomato juice now. 

So cheers people, 
to good health
a great day!
Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I hate showering.

Extra large, because this is larger than life.
Hahah, I don't get it either, just said that for the whole rhyming effect. This is a picture I took during the previous trip to Phuket. Very nice, isn't it? Reaally looking forward to the trip!

Finally, one day break. Okay maybe I'm bull shitting a little bit. The exams are not so bad, but still...! The worse is yet to come, Accounting and Math! 

Honestly, I'm starting to enjoy my subjects. Remember how in the beginning of the year I was almost seethed into a miserable ulcer. I feel much better about my subjects now!

I woke up pretty late this morning, 7am! I was supposed to leave at 7am. But still, I left at around 7.20am. I do get ready really fast when I want to. I don't shower in the morning, don't judge me! But I shower before I sleep. lol. I really don't like to shower, it's so super ma fan. Have to take off clothes, then wait for the shower to get warm, get into the shower, gradually make it cold, wash hair, condition hair, detangle hair, scrub body, wash face, rinse. Then dry yourself, dry  hair, pick clothes, choose clothes, put laundry into basket, then wash underwear. Such a fussy long process isn't it? My mum use to cane me when I was young, because i refuse to shower. 

Anyhow, I went for economics test and it was easier than I expected it to be! Except for the essay part, I'm supposed to choose 1 essay out of 3, but I don't really know all. I remember a little bit here and there, but not all. So, I chose the one that I remember most, so it is exchange rates. I was totally improvising from what I remember. 

After college, I went to Subang Parade and my mum bought me a new bikini and shades. Wooo, can't wait for Phuket! New bikini! (: (: (:

I shall upload loads of photo when I come back, seriously cannot wait! 

Yen Yen and Jun Wei is coming along, till this day I cannot believe it. Even though air tickets and everything is booked, it's too good to be true! I will believe it the moment I see them in the airport with me. 

Phuket is such an awesome place to be!

Anyhow, there's no exams tomorrow, thus this post. I have to do some math later, and tomorrow. My mum's asking me to go shopping with her tomorrow... so inviting and attractive. I have to resist!! 

Alrighty, stay tuned.
Tuesday, June 1, 2010


It's currently 7.24am, and I'm in the library. I know I'm supposed to be studying, but ahh, I'm bit too blur.

I woke up at 5.50am this morning, for some reasons I didn't continue sleeping till 6.10am, which is when I snooze it twice. I woke up, and I decided today I shall wear some make-up so I did. Make-up makes me feel better.

Yesterday I've been dating with Economics for what I feel, the longest time ever. it's like running a marathon with my brain. When one hour feels like two. I reached home from school at around 5pm. Ate something and threw out all the rotten avocados. Then it was 6pm. I went to my room, called up Jun Wei and Pei Zhen in search for some inspiration, then at 6.20pm, my brain started to run.

By the way, I'm not studying Economics from the books, but from this pretty awesome website that my lecturer and Pei Zhen recomended. So, for some reason it didn't felt much like studying? I just kept reading, and reading, and reading. Or in other words, running, running, running.

I stopped at around 7.30pm for dinner and resumed at 8.15pm. My stupid boyfriend was distracting me all the way haha. He's so adorable. But I still did studied till 10pm. After that I am fully distracted and started making stupid faces at the webcam and trying out my sunglasses.

Okay, maybe it wasn't such long of a marathon, but I've done nothing yesterday other than this. Why did it felt so long, when in reality it's not even more than 3 hours....? Or is it?

So yeah, I'm pretty much DESSERTS. Nevermind, 2 more weeks of this crap and I'm off to an island with awesome sand and trees, not to forget the awesome company. You guys would be so surprised when I tell you who's going with me. But I refuse to tell you until everything is confirmed. 

I should go now, it is 7.35am, I'm skipping thinking skills for running the marathon!!

PS, Briana,
if you're reading. Cheer up, okay? I hope I didn't misunderstand your blog post.. But still, if it is what I think it is, cheer up. There's tons of opportunities around. One door closes, the other one opens.  

I hope you guys gei it or I'll sound like a complete dimwit.

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