Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mass Update!

How I wish I was her. Pretty bikini, good hair day, big ocean and everything. Oh, and that really nice tattoo. This is what I want to do after I'm done with all the studying.

I know it has been a really long time since I last updated. Seeing Briana's blog, and Leng Hue's blog makes me feel so terrible!

Anyhow, since the last time I updated, I...

celebrated my mommy's birthday. (:

lighting up the cake. I know I've gotta do something about my maine.

Light up the candles.

My mum being touched and happy.

My first serious hard core hand made card. (:

My mum was so happy, she wants champagne.

Half of the happy family.

I also went karaoke with Jun Wei, and took some corny photos. (: In case you're wondering, we're 1 year and 6 months old, come 7th next month, we'd be 1 year and 7 months old. Time flies now, doesn't it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we'd one day be able to walk down the aisle together.

Also, I've been studying. Okay, not a lot of studying. But yes I have been studying more than usual. Usually, I don't study at all. I have to do well for my semester 1, though it is highly unlikely. My classmates are super hardworking and they get really good results! So scary, I did not touch books today, other than college.

Speaking of college, I have been attending talks on Universities since yesterday. Or was it a day ago? Time flies by so fast I couldn't even catch up. Anyway, 2 days ago I heard a talk on applying to Oxford and Cambridge University. I know, seems like a very, very faraway dream. Actually, it is a faraway dream. I might just apply anyway.

Jun Wei is telling me about LSE & UCL. I've never been the studious kind of person, neither really bright. If I were to say something I'm better at, it would be more to drawing and writing rather than counting. I think I am better at words rather than numbers. However, good career always involves numbers. I don't know why! Accountancy and all is already pretty hard up for A Level standards. I am in a pre-business course. Definitely something to do with business.

I have few options.

Option 1 : marketing / business management.
It sounds so simple and doesn't-have-a-bright-future-ish. not good enough.

Option 2 : Accountancy / Auditor / Taxation something
Recession proof, good pay, professional job. Though it's really going to eat me up inside while I try to get that damned degree.

Option 3 : Corporate law. Company lawyer.

How nice if my options were these

Option 1 : Florist + cafe + gift wrapping
It would be a one-stop gift shop. I would be the lady in the flowery apron sitting behind the desk wrapping presents during Christmas. My friends can come to my place and have good fuit cake and drink rose tea. Boyfriends would come to my shop to buy flowers and chocolates for their girlfriends on Valentine's Day. My children can hang out here with me after school.

Option 2 : Journalist / Columnist / Magazine columnist
Like Nury Vitachi.

Option 3 : Fabric designer
Draw motives and colour all day!

Maybe I'll do that when I have worked hard as an accountant/lawyer/marketer, and get enough capital, then open my own cafe & florist & wrapping / design my own fabric / write to a newspaper and definitely become a mommy. (:

See, the future isn't so bleak and sepia coloured after all. At least after I get through the hard decision making stage. :/

I think after this post today, I'm more into corporate law. haha. I'll update you about my new ambition next time.

Till then, toodlesies!

Friday, May 14, 2010


Hi I'm at the library now and there's 10 more minutes until class starts and I've nothing to do and I feel like blogging.

I really really really really want to tell you that,

I wish I can do the splits.
I can't.

I wish I can whistle.
All that comes out of my mouth is spit and disturbing noises when I try to whistle.

I wish I was super flexible.
I'm super unflexible one lo. I cannot even touch my toes without bending my legs without causing grievous hurt to myself.


What else what else?
Oh yeah, I love flower earrings. hah, earrings makes me look so much nicer than without earrings.
Every girl should pierce their ear and wear earrings.

Right, 5 more minutes left. Off to class!

xxoo !
Sunday, May 9, 2010

What youtube taught me.

Not bad right!
Ignore the stars. Hah.

Finally I can update in peace. Eventhough I don't have much to do but for some reason I always have no time to update, or rather, no mood.

My parents and sister left for Japan last Tuesday and they are returning tomorrow evening. Yay! The house is so quiet and disorientated without them. I had porridge for dinner last night and I had only 1 bowl of rice since they were gone.

It's not that there's no food, it's that the foos my maid cook doesn't taste the same, be it a can or sardines with onions. I don't know why!

Today is Mother's Day, my mother is not around. She wouldn't be reading my blog, but I want to say


I couldn't live without you. & You're the most important person in my life. 

I have an urge to go do my nails again. hah, See you, I'll update when I actually have things to say. (:

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