Thursday, December 31, 2009

Chokin' on me arteries.

So today is the 31st of Dec. The last day of the whole year. It's okay, no big deal that I'm spending it in my room and stuff. I've been doing that since forever. & I'm not being sarcastic. It is really okay, I'm not much of a crowd party type.

Just that I really want to spend it with my friends.

They're going countdown at The Curve. I obviously cannot go, because my parents would never fetch me.

& so I thought maybe I could have a party by myself over at my place and invite my friends over. & of course the loving boyf.

& so I was really excitedd cuz I thought maybe they'll like the idea of it, you know, just hanging out and gamble, play twister and have barbecue?

Moreover there's a RA party behind my house, and there's games and perfomances and stuff. House DJ and great music.

To me, this sounds way better than couting down with sweaty crowds. But still over there, there's fireworks and singers, stage and the whole atmosphere.

THE WORST PART is his mum actually called the plan idiotic.

I damn pissed dy.
Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Not good!

Right, I just got of the phone with the loving boyf.

So angry right now, but not as angry already. I regret saying what the fuck, which totally ticked him off..

I hate fighting with people who doesn't fight back, pisses me off even more.

Sometimes I really feel like givin up, you know? Giving him back the merry go round and stuff. Pick up my life and live in my bubble again.

But I'm really afraid of regretting. After all I still think he's the perfect guy. Maybe he is perfect, just now perfect for me?

I really don't know.

Normally I wouldn't get so pissed just because he shouted at me, because he's dissappointed.

Okay, maybe I'm angry because it's not my fault that I can't go to the bloody count down, and I told him lots of times and agreed to ask my parents. But still he gave me this attitude when I couldn't go and all.

He apologised, but i'm still pretty ticked off. I was on the verge of throwing everything i see on to the floor.

sigh. I guess it's my fault? That I'm so pissed off & I should've have been more calm.

Sometimes I really hate being in a relationship. YOu can't fuck things up and run away.

& worse stil you gotta go fix it, gives me the jitters. Aaron is right, I am like a man.

of Strawberry KitKats & MusicBox

I'm blogging again! I figured since I'm so bored, and college's starting soon, I should blog. (:

So yesterday I went to Lagoon with the loving boyfriend. He surprised me! He came early to pick me. I was so surprised that it was him who's on the doorbell.

I thought it was some Malay dude, I was like, "cari siapa?!"

Then he said, "Sue Ann please?"

and I went "oh my God. Sue Ann??"

Lol. He bought me really cute and delicious strawberry flavoured Kit Kats. From Japan! & also this really nice music box Merry-Go-Round. It's really nice. When you stare at it in the and see the horse going up and down, it's really really nice. (:

We went to Lagoon and our double ring tube got stolen again. Damn idiotic. We went to some water slide ride and when we come off someone took the tube.

We walked everywhere looking for it.

Really lo damn annoying, waddling in the wave pool, then to the beach, everywhere ok! & we found it, this little boy took it.

When we were searching for the tube we were thinking how we're going to scold the person who took the tube, turns out it's a little boy and he said sorry.

What to do right..

Later we went to the mall to eat lunch. It was nice, we had soup and chicken and we talked. I like that lunch.

After that we were waiting for our driver to pick us, when I was going out I saw L!! haha, long story between me and her. Not really long, but I'm lazy to talk about it.

I can't believe my rudeness but I completely ignored her. I didn't even bothered to look at her. I'm not proud of my rudeness. But she started it.

My shoulder hurts la, gonna go and ransack the fridge. (:

Until next time (: (:

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